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New Year’s Resolutions to Increase Weight Loss

New Year’s Resolutions to Increase Weight Loss 0

It is almost time to ring in the New Year. Whether or not you make formal New Year’s resolutions, it is still a good chance to reflect on the past and think about the future. What do you hope to accomplish this year, and how will you do it? Are you looking to lose weight?

“I will lose weight” does not always make the best resolution. It leaves too much up to chance. What if something comes up? What if your body does not want to lose the weight yet? How are you going to “lose weight?” More specific and controllable resolutions can lead to greater success and ongoing motivation, which spurs more success. The BariatricPal Store has suggestions for resolutions that can get you great weight loss results, too. Here are a few.

I will eat a healthy breakfast.

A healthy breakfast can be a good weight loss habit. It can boost metabolism after an overnight fast. It can increase energy levels so you move more and burn more calories throughout the morning. It can reduce hunger and stabilize blood sugar so you are less likely to dive for a high-carb sugary mid-morning snack.

Sweet or savory, rushed or relaxed, at home or on the go, and hot or cold, The BariatricPal Store has breakfasts for every need. They are low in carbohydrates and high in protein, allowing you to get your day started on the right foot. Cereal, oatmeal, omelets, and muffins are just some of the choices.

I will take my vitamins.

Did you know that taking your vitamins is not just a good way to please your doctor? It is always a good way to lose more weight! Deficiencies in certain vitamins and minerals, such as iron and B vitamins, can leave you feeling tired and weak, and that does not bode well for getting active and losing weight! Ask your doctor which vitamins and minerals you may need, and then get them in capsule or chewable form at The BariatricPal Store.

I will snack smart.

Replace cookies, chips, and granola bars with protein bars, protein chips, and protein cookies, and pounds may come off without much effort. That is because our products may have less sugar, starch, and fat, and the single-serving packages can keep calories in check, too. 

I will get enough protein.

If protein keeps you full, helps with recovery after weight loss surgery, and supports lean muscle mass, getting enough of it is a clear choice for smart weight loss. The BariatricPal Store has high-protein choices in all forms and flavors. There are traditional protein bars and shakes, meat bars, high-protein oatmeal and cereal, protein shots, and high-protein entrees and desserts, for starters. There is no reason not to get plenty of protein!

I will love my diet.

Why bother if you do not like what you are eating? The BariatricPal Store makes weight loss delicious and fun as you can lose weight eating brownies, pretzels, mac and cheese, and chips. Every day can be a celebration of weight loss and the good things in life!

Getting Ready for the New Year at The BariatricPal Store

Getting Ready for the New Year at The BariatricPal Store 0

Now that Christmas is behind us, it is nearly time to breathe a sigh of relief that the holidays are over, and that it is time to get back to normal life. That is, it is time again to focus on health and weight loss. Do you need help getting back into the swing of things? The BariatricPal Store can help. With our Variety and Sampler Packs, you can taste different flavors and try different products more easily.

Why Buy Packs?

You could hand-pick each individual product, but Variety and Sampler Packs can give you a greater range without extra effort. Each one has several different flavors or types, all carefully selected by our experts to give you low-carb, high-protein, and other diet products you may need.

The extra convenience of Variety and Sampler Packs can make weight loss easier in a few ways. They can expose you to new flavors and products that you might not have otherwise noticed when browsing The BariatricPal Store and selecting products one by one. In addition, the variety can help prevent boredom and maintain excitement about your diet - definitely a benefit for weight loss!

The Benefits of Healthy Options within Reach

When you have instant meals and ready-to-eat healthy, high-protein snacks on hand, you are less likely to opt for higher-carb fare that can inhibit weight loss. For example, check your pantry and grab a FlapJacked Chocolate Peanut Butter Probiotic Mighty Muffin instead of hitting a cafe for a chocolate muffin, crunch Ranch Chickpea Puffs instead of going to the vending machine for chips, or cook up some Cheesy Mac (low-carb, of course) instead of calling for Italian pick-up.

Types of Packs

You can get Variety and Sampler Packs with all kinds of products. There are Variety and Sampler Packs for hot and cold breakfasts, lunch and dinner entrees, snacks, protein shakes, protein bars, syrups, coffee, protein beverages, and more. Filter your search by type of product, flavor, and brand. We even have Variety and Sampler Packs with vitamins and supplements to make it easier to stay nourished in the New Year, and packs to get you started on a multi-day weight loss program.

As 2020 approaches, it is time to give your kitchen a makeover so you can have one, too. As you clear the holiday treats from your kitchen and look to replenish your supplies of weight loss-friendly foods, Variety and Sampler Packs can get you well on your way. Look out, 2020! Here comes weight loss!
Guilt-Free Thanksgiving Leftovers

Guilt-Free Thanksgiving Leftovers 0

Thanksgiving weekend, Friday through Sunday, seem like the ideal time to get back on track if Thanksgiving was a little excessive. However, after Thanksgiving, the rest of the weekend can be a little rough if you are watching your weight. Having leftover ready-to-eat mashed potatoes, stuffing, and pies in the fridge can lead to some meals and snacks that are not so good for weight loss. 

There are ways, though, to have some Thanksgiving leftovers and to continue to enjoy the tastes of Thanksgiving without going overboard. The BariatricPal Store has some ideas.

Turkey Sandwich

Some people look forward all year to the post-Thanksgiving turkey sandwich. It is hard to resist that perfectly-cooked, ready-to-eat turkey along with some choice fixings, such as cranberry sauce and mayonnaise, on a big roll, but it may be easier to resist if you realize how high-calorie that sandwich may be.

Instead of having 25 grams of sugar from cranberry sauce and 100 or more calories from a small amount of mayo, Calorie-Free Cranberry Sauce and Mayo can give moisture and taste to that leftover bird. Dijon, yellow, or spicy brown mustard also adds a kick. Try your turkey as a wrap in lettuce, or consider choosing low-carb bread, rolls, or bagels to keep the carb count minimal.

More Turkey

What about the rest of that 20-lb. bird? There are all sorts of good ways to serve it without adding unnecessary starches and other high-calorie nutrients. You might try...

  • Turkey salad with low-calorie or calorie-free salad dressing.
  • Turkey tetrazzini or turkey noodle soup with Protein Pasta.
  • Turkey breakfast hash with Protein Mashed Potatoes and vegetables.
  • Low-carb turkey skewers with cheese, mushrooms, and tomatoes.

Pumpkin Pie and More

Have you ever gotten up Friday morning after Thanksgiving and headed to the fridge for a slice of the pumpkin pie that has been calling your name all night? What a way to start the day: hundreds of calories, tons of fat, starch, and sugar, and not much in the way of nutrition!  Instead, you could have a Pumpkin Pie Spice Muffin within minutes.

The muffins have only a fraction of the amount of sugar and carbs as pumpkin pie, and they have a reasonable 220 calories. Each one has 20 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber to help keep you full all morning. 

It is just as easy to pass up the leftover pecan pie. Just you check out all kinds of Pecan Products at The BariatricPal Store. There are caramel pecan protein bars, sugar-free chocolate pecan candies, and even sweet potato pecan beef bars. They are ready to eat and guilt-free, so grab one or a couple instead of a 600-calorie piece of pecan pie, and enjoy!

As you prepare for Thanksgiving, remember that the leftovers will need to be reckoned with, too. Make a plan and come out on top this year!

Weight Loss in a Box: Are You Ready?

Weight Loss in a Box: Are You Ready? 1

Picture this. You open your door to find a box. It is discreetly packaged so nobody else knows what it is, and its contents include all kinds of delicious products and weight loss aids that are your to try whenever you are ready. As you dig through the box, you see old favorites and new discoveries.

This scenario can be reality, and not just once, but every single month, without needing to think about it. The Monthly Subscription Box has a variety of products that can inspire you to get on track or stay on track to your weight loss goals. Here is how it works.

What’s in the Box?

You will find out what is in your Monthly Subscription Box when you open it! It could have protein bars, protein shakes, sugar-free candy, protein instant breakfasts and entrees, sweet and savory snacks, and even bariatric vitamins. The assortment is different each month, and that makes it even more fun. A tiny sampling of products in past boxes includes: baking mixes, almonds, protein pasta, meat snacks, protein chips, multivitamins, and pill organizers. Anything can show up in your Monthly Subscription Box!

Latest Products and Old Faves

The BariatricPal Store has a lot of weight loss products, so you may miss one or two, or forget about an old favorite. The Monthly Subscription Box can help by sending new products, top-selling products, and our personal favorites to jar your memory or alert you to something great and new. Each box has a hand-picked selection, and it is almost like having your personal shopper choose your products.

Sample Sizes and Surprise Gifts

How do you know if you like something before you try it? The Monthly Subscription Box is the best way to try sample-sized portions of some store products so you can try before you buy. Maybe you will love it, or maybe you will want to try other flavors of the box product. 

Every so often, you might reach into your box and pull out a surprise gift, such as a protein shaker bottle or some measuring aids for easy weight loss meals. It’s just our way of saying, “We’re behind you every step of the way!”

Exclusive Discounts and More

Do you like something in your Monthly Subscription Box? Buy it - for less! Each box comes with exclusive discounts for every single item in the box if you want to buy the full-sized version. Try it, love it, and buy it for less!

Each month’s selection comes with a sample menu showing how you can use these products as part of an overall weight loss plan (as long as your health professional approves, of course).

You can purchase the Monthly Subscription Box a month at a time, or in a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription, with greater discounts for the longer subscriptions. They all come with free shipping, and with the 12-month subscription, you get a free scale.

Sign up for your Monthly Subscription Box today and see how much weight you can lose when you have the inspiration and products to make it fun!

Yumbox Lunch Boxes for Back-to-School Weight Loss

Yumbox Lunch Boxes for Back-to-School Weight Loss 0

As summer draws to a close and school is starting in many parts of the country, it is a good time to think about weight loss, especially at lunch. Students, teachers, and parents with school-aged children at home may already be thinking about back-to-school lunches, but the back-to-school season may affect you even if not directly. Things tend to get busier when summer ends and everyone gets back from summer vacation. 

At this time, packing a healthy lunch can be even more important and challenging than usual. Your lunch hour may be cut short with extra work, and hectic mornings may mean you have less time to prepare and portion out a healthy lunch. Yumbox Lunchboxes and related accessories can help you stay on track with your weight loss program without hassle.

Portion Control for Lunches and Snacks

Yumbox Lunch Boxes are designed for you if you are a bariatric surgery patient or anyone who is following a smart diet to lose weight. Each box has five wells.

  • 2 cups, perfect for salad or vegetable stir fry with protein.
  • ¾ cup, ideal for cottage cheese, yogurt, whole-grain bread, or cooked chicken or vegetables.
  • 3 ½-cup wells, just right for tofu, beans, sweet potato, or brown rice.

There is also a small space for hummus, peanut butter, or salsa.

Yumbox Lunch Boxes come in a variety of colors to match your mood, personality, and outfit. Try purple or light or dark blue, green or pink. 

Portion-Perfect Snacks

Snacks on the go may be even more common than lunches away from home, and planning for them is just as important if you want to avoid last-minute fare, such as candy bars, crackers, and chips, with their sugars, starches, and fats. Yumbox Snack Boxes let you have your convenient snack without the excess carbs and calories.

Each box has 3 compartments with leakproof lids. The largest compartment has a ¾-cup capacity, while the smaller compartments are ⅓ cup. Pack your Yumbox Snack Box with some lean protein and high-fiber carbs or healthy fats for an energizing, waist-friendly snack.

Healthy Convenience

Anything to make healthy eating easier can only help, and Yumbox Products work. They let you plan portion-controlled meals and snacks without the hassle of measuring. They fit snugly into most thermal lunch totes so you can take them with you to work or school. The boxes are BPA-free and phthalate-free.

You can pair your lunch or snack box with other Yumbox Products to suit your needs better. For example, try the insulated cooler bag or lunch bag to assist with temperature control. You can also pick up some Gelato Ice Packs to keep cold foods cold until lunchtime.

Take your sack lunch to the next level with Yumbox Lunch and Snack Boxes. You can pack perfect portions of protein, vegetables, and other filling weight loss foods to make sure you can stay on track no matter how busy your day is.
Protein ONE Iced Coffee for a Weight Loss Meal

Protein ONE Iced Coffee for a Weight Loss Meal 1

What are you having for breakfast? What about lunch, dinner, and snacks? Have you thought through your entire menu for the next few days? Quick, great-tasting meals can be critical when you want to lose weight but are short on time, and meal replacements can deliver what you need. Protein ONE Iced Coffee gives you protein and nutrients in a low-carb, low-calorie formula that tastes irresistible. Here is the information you need.

Medical-Grade Protein

Each serving of Protein ONE Iced Coffee has 25 grams of protein, and not just any protein. The protein comes from whey, which is a high-quality, complete protein that is easy for your body to digest. That means Protein ONE Iced Coffee makes it easier for you to hit your protein goals and stay full and nourished as you lose weight.

A Complete Low-Carb Meal Replacement

Some meal replacements leave you without the nutrients you need, but Protein ONE Iced Coffee has 28 essential vitamins and minerals. These include B vitamins and iron for energy and metabolism, calcium for bone health, vitamins C and E and selenium to promote antioxidant activity, and zinc for immune function. Each serving of Protein ONE Iced Coffee has 4 grams of dietary fiber. The package has only 150 calories and 3 grams of added sugars.

Part of Your Weight Loss Routine

The BariatricPal Store suggests using Protein ONE Iced Coffee once or twice a day as a meal replacement or snack, or to replenish and refuel after a workout. 

Protein ONE Iced Coffee comes in:

  • A single-serving packet, perfect if you just want to taste it before committing.
  • A 7-packet box, ideal if you want to put packets at home, in your gym bag or purse, at the office, and in your car.
  • A 21-serving tub to keep on your counter at home or work for a quick meal or snack anytime.

Great-Tasting, Energizing Ideas

Protein ONE Iced Coffee is ready to use and easy to turn into delicious nutritious treats anytime. These treats will give you a boost of energy due to the 150 mg caffeine per serving - the amount in 1 to 2 cups of coffee.

Try mixing it into almond milk for a low-calorie, creamy drink, or use milk or soy milk for extra protein. You can make a gourmet iced coffee beverage by blending Protein ONE Iced Coffee with ice, almond milk, and sugar-free caramel, chocolate, or vanilla syrup. Or, make a nutritious meal more filling by adding Protein ONE Iced Coffee to cottage cheese or oatmeal. 

Other flavors of Protein ONE include Coffee, Decaf Coffee, Double Chocolate Fudge, Vanilla, Cinnamon Swirl, Peanut Butter, and Cookies and Cream. Also try Southwest Chili and Chicken Noodle Soup, and know that you can add protein and nutrients to any food or beverage when you use unflavored Raw Natural Protein ONE. 

Protein ONE Iced Coffee is an easy product for getting your protein and other nutrients. It tastes great and is convenient, so give it a try. Be sure to browse The BariatricPal Store for other great finds, too!

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