Although uncontrolled snacking may have been your downfall in the past, sensible snacking is actually an ally in your battle to achieve a healthier lifestyle after bariatric surgery. Low calorie, high protein bariatric snacks, and desserts actually help keep you in control, giving you the power to avoid painful binges. At BariatricPal Store we stock some of the best bariatric protein diet snacks and desserts available to suit every taste. Choose from a great selection of high protein diet pretzels, crunchy chips, delicious cookies, cake and much, much more.

How can desserts help you lose weight? Choose low-carb, high-protein perfectly portioned bariatric desserts and you could find that regular desserts no longer tempt you. That means fewer calories in, plus a protein boost to fill you up. BariatricPal Store has your back!

Bariatric High Protein & Low Calorie Snacks and Desserts

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FlapJacked Protein Cookie and Baking Mix - Oatmeal

Baking Mix

Sale Price $6.99
$7.99 Save $1.00 ( 12% )
FlapJacked Protein Cookie and Baking Mix - Variety Pack

Baking Mix

Sale Price $20.97
$23.97 Save $3.00 ( 12% )
Sold Out
My Protein Bites Cookie - Variety Pack

Protein Cookies

Sale Price $25.99
$28.99 Save $3.00 ( 10% )

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