BariatricPal Microwavable Single Serve Protein Entree - Cheese Ravioli in Tomato Sauce

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Classic pasta is back on the menu with BariatricPal Microwavable Single Serve Protein Entree - Cheese Ravioli in Tomato Sauce! It has only a fraction of the carbs and calories as in a plate of pasta, but it tastes great with four kinds of cheese, and real herbs and spices.

Cheese Ravioli in Tomato Sauce is a hearty protein meal designed for weight loss and satisfaction. There is real pasta surrounding a delicious ricotta filling with basil and garlic, and wholesome tomato sauce. The dish is made with real mozzarella, ricotta, parmesan, and romano cheeses, ripe tomatoes, and a variety of spices and herbs. 

It takes only a few minutes to get BariatricPal Microwavable Single Serve Protein Entree - Cheese Ravioli in Tomato Sauce on the table. It’s already pre-portioned, so there’s no need to measure anything. Just open the package and microwave it on high until it is hot. Stir it, let it cool for a minute, and enjoy!

All entrees at The BariatricPal Store are completely convenient for your lifestyle! They're shelf-stable and require no refrigeration. Just store them in your pantry, and they'll be fresh for months! Plus, you don't need to worry about refrigeration during shipping.

You know the trick to losing weight is to choose wholesome ingredients, cook ahead of time, and measure your portions…but who has time for that? You do, when you choose BariatricPal entrees. They come in single-serving packets and are ready to eat in minutes, so you can get the nutrition you need no matter how busy you are. They’re calorie-controlled, high in protein, and packed with delicious flavors and hearty textures that’ll make you love losing weight.

BariatricPal Microwavable Single Serve Protein Entree Highlights:
  • 160 calories
  • 7g protein
  • 3 grams of dietary fiber
  • 1 gram of added sugars
  • 10% of the daily value for calcium
  • Vegetarian
  • Made with real cheese, tomatoes, and spices
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Suitable for Solid Foods, Weight Loss, and Maintenance diets
  • Suitable for gastric band, gastric bypass, and gastric sleeve patients
  • Suitable for anyone watching their weight
  • Instant lunch or dinner

Ingredients: Tomatoes in Juice (Tomatoes, Tomato Juice, Citric Acid, Calcium Chloride), Raviolis (Enriched Durum Flour [Durum Flour, Niacin, Ferrous Sulfate, Thiamine Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid], Ricotta Cheese [Whey, Vinegar, Salt], Water, Egg Whites, Mozzarella Cheese [Pasteurized Part Skim Milk, Cheese Culture, Salt, Enzymes], Eggs, Romano Cheese [Pasteurized Cow’s Milk, Cheese Culture, Salt, Enzymes], Bread Crumbs [Bleached Wheat Flour, Dextrose, Yeast, Salt], Spices, Parsley, Salt, Natural Basil Oil Flavor), Water, Crushed Tomatoes, Onions, Contains 2% or less of: Garlic, Parmesan Cheese (Pasteurized Milk, Cheese Culture, Salt, Enzymes), Canola Oil, Modified Corn Starch, Flavor (Vegetable Purees [Carrot, Celery, Onion], Salt, Maltodextrin, Onion Powder, Canola Oil, Corn Starch, Carrot Powder, Extract of Carrot, Xanthan Gum, Spice Extractives), Brown Sugar (Sugar, Molasses), Spice, Sea Salt, Paprika Extract (color).

Contains: Egg, Milk and Wheat

Please Note: You might receive this item with branding from either BariatricPal or our sister company Healthy Living Foods. They're the same products, just different brand names.

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