Palmini Low Carb Hearts Of Palm Pasta - Variety Pack

Brand: Palmini

Sku: 0737669286499

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Palmini is a low carb pasta substitute, made completely out of a natural plant known as Hearts of Palm. When this plant is cut and cooked in the proper way, its resemblance to regular pasta is remarkable. Not only does it look like pasta, but it can also taste like pasta!

This Palmini Low Carb Hearts Of Palm Pasta variety pack includes:

Palmini Low Carb Hearts Of Palm Pasta Highlights:

  • 4g carbs per serving
  • Gluten-Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Great Taste
  • Sugar-Free
  • 20 calories per serving
  • High in Fiber

How does Palmini Low Carb Hearts Of Palm Pasta taste?
The first thing that you need to know is that Palmini is not pasta and will never taste exactly like pasta. Palmini is made 100% out of Hearts of Palm. Therefore, if you eat it straight out of the can, it will taste like Hearts of Palm with a softer texture. That being said, when properly rinsed and prepared with a regular pasta sauce, the resemblance to genuine pasta is undeniable. So much so, that some people actually believe they are eating pasta. With such a low calorie and carb count, it’s a win-win!

How to prepare Palmini Low Carb Hearts Of Palm Pasta:

  1. Drain Palmini and rinse with water.
  2. Palmini it’s already cooked! Just drain and rinse the product thoroughly, then add your favorite sauce!
  3. For a softer texture, just boil the rinsed product for 5-10 minutes in water.

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