AlternaSweets Low Carb Condiments - Variety Pack

Brand: AlternaSweets

Sku: 0737669279989

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Your favorite AlternaSweets low-carb condiments in one variety pack!

The AlternaSweets Low Carb Condiments variety pack includes:

Why AlternaSweets?

LOW CARB- Great For Diabetics. All AlternaSweets products are very low in carbs! This makes staying on a low carb diabetic keto diet much easier.

NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS- Just A Clean Taste. No artificial sweeteners ever used! Only sweetened with natural sweeteners.

NON-GMO & GLUTEN FREE- All AlternaSweets products are made with non-GMO ingredients and contain no gluten.

EXCELLENT TASTE- Flavor Does Matter. AlternaSweets crafts each sauce to taste like everyone's old favorites without the negatives of high sugar sauces. All this without a fake or a bitter aftertaste.

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