Muscle Mud Protein Coffee - Available in 4 Flavors! (Ground)

  • 5gProtein
  • 20Calories
  • 1gCarbs
  • 0gSugar
$ 24.99
$ 27.95

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Product Description

We're proud to introduce Muscle Mud Coffee. High-quality coffee infused with GenePro protein that tastes amazing! Hey look, we get it! You always need to add an intense enjoyment to your cup and move you ever closer to “coffee nirvana”.

What is Muscle Mud? Muscle Mud is extracted from the worlds finest coffee beans; Arabica + Robusta, and then fully infused with MuscleGen Research GenePro Medical Grade Protein to create the incredible mud your taste buds love and your body & muscles need!

This is the First ever and BEST hot brewed protein coffee on the market.

We offer you 4 different flavors to choose from:

  • CookieDoodle: This is a delicate blend of GenePro Protein, chocolate, hazelnut, and cinnamon flavor.  It will remind you of the warmth of the Holidays all year long!
  • Zombie Cure: Some days you are more tired than others and you literally feel like a zombie. We don't know about the whole eating brains thing but when you feel like the walking dead, we have just the cure! This sweet, buttery and salty blend will make your eyes wide open with our double shot of caffeine and being fully infused with GenePro Protein!
  • Breakfast Blend: This blend was created specifically for your perfect breakfast cup of coffee. It’s just the “jolt” you need to get going in the morning! This is a medium-bodied blend of light and dark beans with a hint of acidity, tartness and infused with GenePro Medical grade protein!
  • Jamaican Me Crazy: This will remind you of a tropical blend of GenePro Medical Grade Protein, vanilla, caramel, and Cafe Maria Liqueur flavors on light.

That's the beauty, Muscle Mud Protein Coffee is made for absolutely everyone. Everyone who loves a good tasting coffee and wants to either maintain, build muscle or even lose weight. Protein builds, burns and helps maintain. It's all in how you use it within your daily diet.

Muscle Mud uses a special medical grade protein blend called GenePro from their partners at MuscleGen Research. This allows them to add high-quality protein to their coffee without altering the taste. Additionally, GenePro also has an absorbency rate of 97.8%, that's 3 times the effectiveness of standard Whey Isolate protein! This all adds up to a great tasting, protein-powered coffee experience for you!

This product contains caffeine, please drink at your own risk

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