Bariatric Advantage Calcium Crystals Unflavored - 600mg

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Product Description

Calcium deficiency is often an issue after several forms of weight loss surgery. The nutrition experts at Bariatric Advantage have been meeting the micronutrient needs of weight loss surgery patients for over a decade and offer several products to combat this problem. To make their versatile calcium crystals, the nutrition experts at Bariatric Advantage combine calcium gluconate and calcium lactate. This combination, known as calcium lactate-gluconate, is one of the most soluble and bio-available forms of calcium on the market.

This process yields an incredible powder that combines high solubility and neutral taste to easily blend with a wide variety of drinks and foods to help you get the calcium your body needs every day.

Key Features of Bariatric Advantage Calcium Crystals with Vitamin D:

  • 60% of your Daily Value of Calcium in each serving
  • 125% of your Daily Value of vitamin D3 per serving
  • Contains no fish or crustacean shellfish
  • Gluten Free

Bariatric Advantage's Calcium Crystals are a unique form of calcium that dissolves readily in water and most other liquids leaving minimal taste. This form, Calcium Lactate-Gluconate, has a bioavailability comparable to Calcium Citrate, but is neutral pH and has very high solubility in water making it perfect for a drink mix. In addition, each serving of Calcium Crystal contains a full 500IU of vitamin D3 to support bone health. You can add this delicious product to plain water or another drink of your choice as an easy and effective way to meet your daily needs for calcium and vitamin D. Calcium Crystals (unflavored) are available in a Tub of 60 servings, or bag of 25 individually wrapped on the go stick packs.

Serving: 1 Individually Wrapped Packet

Daily Dose: 2 Single Serving Packets

Note: Store in a cool, dry place.

Bariatric Advantage Calcium Crystals Unflavored - 600mg