BariatricPal Logo Shaker Bottle 2.0

Brand: BariatricPal

Sku: 0737669290205

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New and improved for 2021!

Getting in your protein is easier than ever with the BariatricPal Logo Shaker bottle! Just add your protein powder and water, or toss in your favorite protein shake ingredients and give it a good shake. The whisk works like magic to blend your protein shake so you never need to choke down powdery clumps or have a lumpy shake.

The BariatricPal logo shaker lets you take your protein anywhere without fuss. Clip it onto your backpack or gym bag to keep it on hand for whenever you need it. There is no mess due to the leak-proof system. The bottle has a capacity of 600 mL (21 ounces) with convenient mL and Oz markings on the side.

BariatricPal Logo Shaker Bottle Highlights:

  • Easy shake clump-free whisk
  • BariatricPal logo (no name!)
  • Leak-proof
  • mL and oz Volume markings
  • 600 mL (21 Oz.) capacity
  • Carry clip
  • Fits in all cup holders
  • BPA-free

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