BariNutra Complete High Protein Meal Replacement - Variety Pack

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BariNutra Complete High Protein Meal Replacements were developed by Dr. Robert DiSilvestro, Ph.D. biochemistry, and a former professor of nutrition at 2 prominent universities (now professor emeritus at one of the universities). 

This BariNutra Complete High Protein Meal Replacement variety pack includes the following flavors:

This bariatric meal replacement formulation has a superior taste and texture compared to existing products.

BariNutra Complete High Protein Meal Replacement Peach Mango Highlights:

  • Great tasting
  • Contains a wide range of nutrients
  • Includes carefully selected versions for some nutrients


  1. Combine 2 scoops with cold, high-quality water.
  2. Mix in a shaker or briefly in a blender.

The Science:

The products were formulated by Dr. Robert DiSilvestro, Ph.D. biochemistry, professor of nutrition for 34 years, and currently Emeritus Professor of Human Nutrition at Ohio State University. The products are based largely on a study (1) published in Obesity Surgery (though some improvements were added later).  The nutritional compositions have a patent-pending as do the sweetening formulations.

Each of the following can be said about the new product line:
  • In the pilot study, blood sugar went down with the new formulation
  • In the pilot study, in the early weeks after surgery, weight loss was a little higher vs another nutrition support plan
  • In the pilot study, 2 servings/day improved iron status at least as well as with taking iron lozenges + a competitor's meal replacement product (even though the new line mixes iron & calcium)
  • In the pilot study, 2 servings/day maintained vitamin B12 status at least as well as with taking B12 lozenges + a competitor's meal replacement product
  • In the pilot study, early post-surgery copper deficiency was blocked (but not by a competitor's product with a different copper form)
  • In the pilot study, magnesium status was preserved better than with a competitor's product
  • In the pilot study, a bone breakdown marker improved with 2 servings/day (equal to that seen for a competitor's meal replacement + additional calcium/vitamin D wafers)
  • The new product line has a zinc version with better absorption than the zinc form found in most multi-vitamins and meal replacements (2)
  • The new line contains more potassium than competing products tend to have
  • The new line has a selenium form that has lowered PSA readings in men (3)
  • The new line has moderately high thiamin (vitamin B1); deficiencies sometimes occur after bariatric surgery
  • The new line may help protect the liver, though research is preliminary (1)
Individual results may vary.

WHY was BariNutra started?

Awhile back, a nutrition professor, Dr. Robert DiSilvestro, Ph.D. was asked to consider designing products for post-bariatric surgery. He was told to make shakes that do the following:
  • Taste better than existing bariatric meal replacement products
  • Eliminate the need to routinely take a lot of additional products
  • And, have certain nutrients in more effective forms

Making such a product was not as simple as it sounds, but it got done. The better taste came about partly by design and partly by a fortunate accident (that now has a patent-pending).

To keep the price down, Dr D turned down investors and took a risky loan. As a result, the product line sells for about the same price per serving as the leading competitor. This price is offered despite one important point. With competitor's shakes, one has to take additional products to get the same amount of nutrients found in BariNutra shakes. Moreover, BariNutra shakes contain more effective versions of certain nutrients.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

   1.      DiSilvestro RA, Choban P, Aguila FN, Miller M, Joseph E (2019) A pilot, randomized study in women of nutrition-related clinical chemistry at 6 weeks after Roux en Y gastric bypass: Comparison of Two Nutrition Support Plans. Obesity Surgery 29:2781-2789.

   2.      Zhang W, Joseph E, Hitchcock C, DiSilvestro RA (2011) Selenium glycinate supplementation increases blood glutathione peroxidase activities and decreases prostate-specific antigen readings in middle-aged US men. Nutrition Research 31:165-168.

 3.      Swan M, DiSilvestro RA (2008) Comparison of four commercially available zinc supplements for performance in a zinc tolerance test. 2008 Experimental Biology meeting abstracts. Abstract # 8597.

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