Buffalo Bob's Wild Game Pemmican Style Jerky - Beef

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Buffalo Bob's Wild Game Pemmican Style Beef Jerky is a great snack for any game meat lover or jerky cognoscenti. Pemmican is a product that has no unnatural preservatives. It is mixed with dried fruit and was invented by the natives of North America and it was adopted by the fur traders as quick energy and protein snack. Buffalo Bob's modeled this product after this while adding more flavor. Buffalo Bob's Wild Game Pemmican Style Beef jerky is a great snack for any meat lover or jerky connoisseur.

The beef used in Buffalo Bob's products is raised in North and South Dakota and Colorado. Buffalo Bob's beef has that great western plains taste and quality that you are looking for. Most importantly, it's healthy meat raised naturally without the use of growth stimulants or antibiotics. Buffalo Bob's Wild Game Jerky is made from prime cuts of meat that have been ground, blended with seasonings and formed into flat strips (no casing). Then, the meat is slow-smoked for as long as seven hours to capture the flavors of the selected hardwoods. To ensure freshness all products are individually vacuum-sealed. 100% REAL beef, farm-raised, and USDA Inspected.

Buffalo Bob's Wild Game Pemmican Style Beef Jerky is perfect for taking on camping trips, hikes, or just for a gourmet snack to satisfy your inner animal.

Zick’s Specialty Meats, producers of Buffalo Bob’s Snacks, is the culmination of over 40 years experience in Old World sausage and meat preparation techniques that have been passed down through the family generations. Zick’s started as a small specialty store and butcher shop in St. Joseph, Michigan. With the knowledge of Old World sausage makers, they brought the traditional European sausage and meat preparation techniques to the predominately German population in the area. The taste of old Europe was a great success in St. Joe and demand grew. The trade secrets have been kept and expanded upon to create remarkably tasty and healthy snack products. The unique taste treat is assured because of their commitment to using only the highest quality ingredients with no fillers or extenders.

We trust you’ll enjoy your taste adventure into the world of Buffalo Bob’s and will share the treat with all of your friends.

Buffalo Bobs Wild Game Jerky - Beef Pemmican

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