BuiltGO Energy + Protein Gel - Chocolate Coconut

Brand: Built Bar

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However you work your muscles, don’t forget that your tongue is a muscle, too.  Thanks to BUILTGO, the days of taking awful-tasting energy shots are over. Yep, energy finally tastes good.  Correction. Delicious.  Unless Chocolate Coconut isn’t your thing?  Of course, it’s your thing.  Plus, you get your protein. BUILTGO is perfection.

Power through anything!

BuiltGO Energy + Protein Gel Highlights:

  • Energy and Protein on the go
  • Fuel for your body
  • Very happy tastebuds

When you use it:

  • Before a workout - Crossfit, weights, cardio. Take 20 minutes before your next workout. Push harder, longer.
  • At home - Have kids? Enough said.
  • Before and during sports - Biking, running, golf, team sports. Go the distance.
  • At work - Office, mailroom, service calls, whatever. Jump the 3:30 wall, then keep going.
  • On the road - Sustained energy for alert driving. Avoid the energy-drink crash.
  • While gaming - All night long. Power up.

Why Collagen Protein?

  • Works fast - Getting protein into your muscles within 15 minutes is the single biggesr strength of collagen protein. It ensures that you get the most out of every rep and all your muscles are firing at full capacity.
  • Easy on your stomach - Collagen protein is very easy on your stomach. As you power through a workout you don't want your stomach giving you problems.
  • Benefits soft tissue - Collagen has proven benefits for your joints, skin, hair, nails, and other soft tissue. BuiltGo not only helps you power through anything, it helps you look and feel your best.

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