Celebrate Iron +C - Soft Chews

$ 31.95

Product Description

Iron deficiencies are one of the most common side effects of bariatric surgery. To ensure your health, Celebrate has formulated one of the most effective iron products available. By carefully selecting the most bioavailable forms of iron and then coupling these forms with additional benefits, they have developed an iron that is easy on the stomach and easy for your body to absorb. Celebrate's soft chew iron is available in 30 mg (Raspberry Tart) and 60 mg (Pineapple). 

Key Elements:

  • 30mg or 60mg ferrous fumarate
  • Includes vitamin C

Key Things to Look for in Celebrate's Iron + C Soft Chews:

  • Taste & Texture - If you are choosing a chewable product, then these aspects are very important to you. Celebrate’s Iron + C soft chew will not only provide you with the best iron formulation available in a bariatric product, but it will also deliver it in a product that you will love! In addition, each dose has a different flavor, which makes taking a daily iron supplement less of a chore and more like a treat!
  • Vitamin C - While vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, it also aids in the absorption of iron.
  • Doesn’t Stain – Microcoating our chewable Iron + C allows it to still be absorbed in the bariatric gut, but removes the ability of the chewable iron to stain the teeth.

    Great for Gastric Bypass, Sleeve Gastrectomy and Duodenal Switch patients.

    Daily Dosage: 1 Piece

    Nutrition Facts for 30mg Raspberry Tart Iron Chew:

    Celebrate Iron +C - Soft Chews

    Nutrition Facts for 60mg Pineapple Iron Chew:

    Celebrate Iron +C - Soft Chews