Cheddies High Protein Low Carb Cheese Crackers - Garlic Parmesan

Brand: Cheddies

Sku: 861440000315

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You might need a tic-tac

Silky, Rich, Parmesan cheese comes together with a Bold, Garlic kick to bring you a powerful flavor blast! It’s so good that you won’t care about needing a mint afterward.

Cheddies are light, crispy, cheesy, crackers with a unique quantity of real cheddar cheese! Cheddies' Classic Cheddar cracker is innovative in texture and mouth-feel, yet pleasantly familiar in taste! Give them a try and you’ll know that Cheddies made cheddar better. 


  • 30g Protein per bag
  • Low Carb
  • 100% Real Cheese
  • All Natural
  • Definitely Delicious in every bite!
  • A perfect snack for any occasion

Cheddies brings you a brand new way of snacking! Cheddies resealable pouch lets you take your Cheddies along for the ride where ever that may be. You won't find another cheese cracker like Cheddies. Every bite is filled with a smooth, real tasting cheddar cheese bite that will have your taste buds exploding. Combine that with a light and crispy texture, you will quickly find yourself reaching back in the bag for more. 

Cheddies High Protein Low Carb Cheese Crackers - Garlic Parmesan

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Ingredients: Cheddar Cheese (Cultured Milk, Enzymes, Annatto Extract, Salt, Sodium Phosphat), Wheat Flour, Cornstarch, Whey Protein Concentrate, Sugar, Malt Extract, Onion Powder, Sunflower Lecithin, Jasmine Tea Extract.

Seasonings: Whey, Cheddar (Cultured Milk, Salt, Enzymes), Garlic Powder, Dry Buttermilk, Natural Flavors, Disodium Phosphate Lactic Acid, Silicon Dioxide (Anticaking Agent).

Allergen Information: Contains Wheat, Milk

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