Classic JiMMYBAR! Clean Snack Bar - Peanut Butter Clutter

  • 5gProtein
  • 180Calories
  • 24gCarbs
  • 15gSugar
$ 2.99
$ 3.50

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Product Description

Gluten-free, dairy-free, natural, YUMMY. The Classic JiMMYBAR! Clean Snack Peanut Butter Clutter bar is ridiculously healthy! JiMMYBAR! only uses real, honest food, no white sugar or preservatives. This bar is perfect for a mid-day snack, meal replacement, or a pre-workout boost. The Peanut Butter Clutter bar has a cult following because it provides great natural energy when it’s 3pm and you’re falling asleep at your desk. It tastes SO good and packs a nice crunch.

No preservatives, no added sugars, gluten-free, dairy-free JiMMYBAR! contains no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, and is a fantastic and healthy snack any time of day.

Clean Ingredients: ample protein and made from Peanuts, Dates, Almonds, Peanut Butter, Honey & Crisp Brown Rice

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