Gastric Sleeve Food Diary & Planner


An 80-page 12-week planner specifically designed for Gastric Sleeve patients. 

Pages included in this planner are:
  • An appointment log where you can keep track of all of your check-ups and post-op appointments 
  • Non-scale victories. Each week you can keep track of any NSV that may have happened 
  • Current information, including BMI, shoe size & measurements 
  • Goal information including 4, 6 12-week goals 
  • BMI chart 
  • Your goals for the week
  • Your achievements for the week
  • Things that you need to work on the following week 
  • 12-week food diary section covering breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, water and exercise 
  • A time for reflection at the end of every week which covers important factors including feelings & challenges 
  • Weekly weight loss tracker 
  • A weekly meal planner at the start of each week
  • Recipe sheets where you can note down any recipes, ingredients and instructions
  • Medicine Log where you can keep track of all medication you are on as well as monitor dosage and side effects 
  • Pounds Lost Jar where you can color in each pound you have lost. Keep coloring and watch your jar fill up!
  • Before & After pages

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