GENEPRO Plant Protein - Unflavored

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We know that some plant proteins take a really bad rep for being gritty, low-quality, and often fail to deliver on protein and taste. But not anymore. We’re setting a new standard in plant-powered protein. We’ve harnessed Ingredient Optimized® Plasma Technology to create GENEPRO Plant, a ground-breaking process that increases the surface area of protein, dramatically enhancing amino acid absorption and utilization. 

GENEPRO Plant is designed to deliver optimal nutrition and results with great taste, fueling the next generation of protein. 


  • Premium 100% pea protein for the perfect post workout muscle support and recovery 
  • No compromises – Pea protein with the power of Whey 
  • Nearly 300% more bioavailable than standard Pea protein 
  • 30g protein Equivalent per 11g serving to help build and maintain muscle 
  • Flavorless - mix with anything, everything you normally consume
  • Highest quality raw pea protein on the market
  • NO Flavor - Mixes with anything/everything


Genepro Plant is created from only plant-based sources (pea) and packed with the equivalent of 30g of protein in each and every 11g serving — helping you grow and maintain important muscle. Plus, it’s a complete source of EAAs and BCAA. 

Genepro Plant protein is formulated using Ingredient Optimized® Technology making it 300% more bioavailable and more easily absorbed than regular pea protein — perfect for those training on a plant-based diet. 

No longer do you have to choose between better nutrition and environmental sustainability. With Genepro Plant, you can save the planet and achieve your fitness goals. 

  • Clinically proven to be nearly 3x more bioavailable than standard Pea protein 
  • No compromises – Pea protein with the power of Whey 
  • Taste neutral – unlike some processes and enzymes that can leave your products bitter and acidic, ioPea doesn’t alter your taste profile 
  • With no 3rd party ingredients, 100% Pure Plasma Pea Protein 
  • Easy to use in foods, supplements and beverages 
  • Clinically backed and over 5 years of research and development 
  • Safe and Compliant technology that maintains GRAS status

Size: 30 Serving

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