Hank's Protein Plus Peanut Butter Spread - Pecan Pie

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Hanks Protein Plus is Keto Friendly!

Hank’s Protein Plus proudly announces that their products fit neatly into the Ketogenic Diet. Ketogenic dieting encourages consuming foods higher in fat, with an adequate amount of protein and most importantly has no added sugar. Low carbohydrate dieting forces your body to use fat (in the absence of carbs)as energy and keeps glucose and insulin production at the bare minimum. Ketones are thus manufactured in the liver and will be used as energy.

In their mission to bring you a premium product, Hank’s Protein Plus is always working on something new, either a new product or a new way of making a product. They realize through testing that over the course of time because there are no preservatives in any of their products, oils are going to rise to the top. This happens in all natural nut butter products. The reason for this is that as the actual peanut butter settles, being that the natural oils are a liquid and lighter than the solid, the oils settle on top of the solid. They realize that their toppings are a feature of most of their nut butters however they also notice that in many instances over time the oil is compromising their product. So in an attempt to keep this natural occurrence at a minimum they are going to place their toppings in the middle of the container. Same toppings and in the same amount. It is an attempt to disperse the oils evenly and to keep rising oil at a minimum and to make a great product even greater.

The reason for the difference in taste and consistency of HANKS PROTEIN PLUS spreads is a method that Hank invented. No other peanut butter maker uses it because no other peanut butter maker knows about it.. and it’s this process that makes the difference.

HANKS HIGH PROTEIN PLUS SPREAD is locally made product right here in Rhode Island and was originally intended for a few diabetic clients who needed more protein but without the junk that is in regular store bought peanut butter. It has evolved into a staple with athletes young and old because of its elevated levels of Protein (10 grams of protein per serving), low sugar, unique consistency and great taste. And finally it has become a constant in the daily diet of those who exercise/strength train on a regular basis. It is safe for children and is safe right up to the day of your competition.

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