Head-Aid "Fast Acting Day" (Abortive) - Tropical

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Product Description

New Fast Acting Formula made with riboflavin and peppermint, which is proven to help significantly reduce the attack frequency and attack migraine and headache days!

Flavored effervescent powder designed to be used when you feel the symptoms of headache approaching. The product is intended to help limit the intensity and duration of a headache at the onset. Ideal when you need to continue working or staying active. 

NO PILLS - HeadAid has been developed as an effervescent powder, conveniently packaged in individual stick packs. The effervescent powder will fizz when introduced to water. In addition to their calculated ingredients, the effervescence helps address nausea and easy to use.

Head-Aid "Fast Acting Day" (Abortive) - Tropical

Box of 20 Servings

Product Highlights:

  • Natural
  • No MSG
  • No Red Dye
  • No Wheat
  • Gluten-free
  • Nitrate Free

Brand : Head-Aid