Healthy Jerky Co. Turkey Jerky - Original

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Product Description
Healthy Jerky's Finest HJC Original Turkey Jerky

Start with juicy, all natural turkey breasts, sliced to perfection. Then marinate these aromatic slices overnight in our selective herbs and spices to give them their distinctive flavor. Cooked for just the right amount of time delivers a tender, moist texture that is mouth-watering delicious...and super healthy for you...

Moist and tender turkey breasts are carefully hand sliced, marinated overnight in selected artisanal seasonings, then slowly cooked over low heat until perfectly done. This paleo-style process creates an awesome collection of sensual flavors that's incredibly good for you and simply the best tasting turkey jerky on your planet.

  • Healthy Jerky uses only moist and tender turkey breasts, hormone and antibiotic free
  • All Natural
  • No preservatives
  • Gluten Free
  • No MSG added
  • No Nitrates or Nitrites
  • 99Fat-Free
  • 75% less sodium
  • 14g of high-quality protein and only 2 carbs
  • Healthy Jerky uses a savory mix of herbs and spices - with no salt added

All Jerky is not the Same! Healthy Jerky's artisan turkey jerky is better for you, your body, your kids, your health...

Healthy Jerky Co. Turkey Jerky - Original

Brand : Healthy Jerky