The Increment Motivational Drinking Water Bottles - Bambino Infuser (17oz)

2-Pack (His & Hers)


The Increment Bottle Bambino Infuser is the perfect size to use right after weight loss surgery or by younger children.

The 500ml (17oz) bottle is perfect for ensuring that you get your recommended intake of water each day! 

The Bambino contains a built-in opaque infuser, ideal for filling with sliced fruits. The large inlets and outlets of the infuser are specifically designed in order to create a stronger infusion of flavor within the water.

The cap of the Bambino has been designed with a mouthpiece directly above the infuser, meaning that every mouth-full of water must pass through the fruit before being consumed. The top of the infuser contains a grill which stops any fruit pieces from entering the user's mouth.

The Bambino is made of a solid Tritan material, which allows for heavy use without damage. The cap and inner infuser are fully removable, making for easy cleaning. All components are safe for use in hot water and are fully dishwasher safe. 

  • All Increment Bottles are BPA FREE, Dishwasher Safe and made of Solid Tritan
  • Each bottle is designed to be filled two to three times each day
  • Infusers are fully removable for ease of cleaning/filling.
  • The entire range of Increment bottles is built as "sweat-free", meaning that your bottles will not sweat throughout the day.

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