The Increment Motivational Drinking Water Bottles - Disc Flip Straw (27oz)

Brand: The Increment Bottle

Sku: 669203976101

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The Increment Bottle is a range of BPA Free Tritan drinking bottles, which are designed to assist you in ensuring that you drink the recommended amount of water each day.

The Increment Disc Flip Straw is The Increment Bottle's latest release of the Increment Bottle Line.

Sporting an airtight, screw-top cap, the Disc Flip has a built-in flip-up dis-shaped mouth-piece, allowing for ease of access when you need to re-hydrate!

The Disc Flip includes a solid colored straw which reaches to the bottom of the bottle, allowing for maximum hydration without any waste of water.

As an added convenience, we've also added a handle onto the top of the bottle, making it a perfect option for traveling or gym use!

  • Material: Solid Tritan
  • Hot Water Safe
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Removable Cap for ease of cleaning
  • Includes handle on top of bottle for ease of handling
  • Volume: 800ml (27oz)

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