Jim Buddy's High Protein Donuts - Chocolate

Brand: Jim Buddy's

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Try this donut covered in rich chocolate!

Why shouldn’t a protein product taste great, be low calorie, and have a strong mix of macros? And why not be in the form of a donut?

Jim Buddy is on a mission to make ‘cheat’ food into ‘good’ food. Not just the 'better option', but part of the plan.

Jim Buddy's High Protein Donuts Highlights:

  • 14g Protein
  • Low Sugar
  • No Gluten
  • Amazing Taste
  • Ideal for weight loss

Created by Cambridge grad and London personal trainer, Tom Neal, to help people achieve their physical goals and instill confidence, Jim Buddy’s is the first shelf-stable high protein low-calorie donut to market.

Today, Jim Buddy’s Protein Donuts is headquartered in Park City, UT, and can be found around the globe from Manchester to Dubai.

Microwave 15-60 seconds for a fluffier donut.


Donut Weights?

Being a hand made baked product, the moisture content of the donuts can vary bake to bake based on complicated things like humidity differentials during the bake. We quote the minimum your donut will weigh on the box. Rest assured the ingredients are always precisely weighed at each stage of the baking process to ensure the nutritional values are always consistent even if there is a slight change in the weight of the product between batches.

Are they vegan?

They are not vegan, there is whey protein (dairy) and egg used in the ingredients, though a vegan donut is in development. 

Are they vegetarian?

Yes they are vegetarian- no meat! The only animal products are whey (dairy) and egg.

Are they gluten free?

No gluten containing ingredients!

They are however made in a bakery which handles gluten-containing products. 

What is the sugar content?

Barely any sugar. Jim Buddy’s talking 6g or less. Per donut. Not half a donut. Not a bite of donut. The whole darn donut. 

Have you lab tested the nutritionals?

Yes! All nutritional testing at a UKAS accredited lab. Pass, spot-on results. 

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