Kay's Naturals The Fit Kit! Healthy Snack Variety Box

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Interested in trying all 15 Kay's Naturals great products? At last! Crunchy cereals and protein snacks with 15 terrific sweet & savory flavors in one box. Kay's Naturals The FitKit! Healthy Snack Variety Box will give you a typical three-day example of how the Meal Plan can work for you.

Busy lifestyles often lead to poor eating habits, from pulling into a fast-food restaurant to snacking on fatty chips. Take back your days by trying the 3-day meal plan from Kay's Naturals. This unique purchase includes a fitness food box. It's filled with a variety of snacks that will keep you going, but without all of the fat and sugars found in other brands.

All items in Kay's Naturals healthy snack box are made of high-protein ingredients. In fact, you'll find 12 grams of protein in each snack-size bag. Protein keeps you feeling full. Try a low-carb snack box filled with chips, puffs, cookies, and cereals. There's no guilt with these snacks because they actually improve your health. For sensitive people, our low-carb meal box is also made of entirely gluten-free ingredients. Explore the 15 items that come with this variety pack. Each low-carb snack bag is a taste bud experience you don't want to miss.

With the 3-Day Meal Plan you will receive one single-serve bag of the following items*:

Replace those protein shakes and bars with Kay’s. Kay’s stays fresh without refrigeration & never melts! Kay's crunchy snacks are as rich in protein as they are in taste with up to 12 grams of plant protein per serving. Stay satisfied and energized for your busy life. The chips and cereals have as much as 4g of fiber per serving without sacrificing any taste or texture. Most of Kay's Naturals products are 3g of sugar or less. With all that protein & fiber, you stay satisfied without the crash of high sugar snacks.

Kay's Naturals The FitKit! Healthy Snack Variety Box Highlights:

  • High in Protein
  • Low Carb
  • Good source of Fiber
  • Only 3G Sugar
  • Gluten-Free
  • Low in Calories
  • Great in Taste

* The manufacturer may substitute if a specific product is not available.

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