Keto Glazed Pecans by NuTrail - Sweet Cinnamon

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The crunchy and sweet bite you've been missing in your Keto lifestyle!

Keto Glazed Pecans by NuTrail - Sweet Cinnamon Highlights:
  • 17g Healthy Fats
  • 1g Net Carb
  • 0g Added Sugar
  • Perfect for baking or as a snack!
Why NuTrail?
We get it, you probably haven't heard about them -- well that's about to change! That's because despite being the new kids on the block, the Nut Granola became one of the best granolas (of any kind) on Amazon. They're following up that success with a mulitude of keto-focused products that will not only make you healthier, but make you happier all while keeping you in your best ketosis.

The Basic Principles of the Keto/Low Carb Diet
The KETO diet can seem complicated to those who've never done it, but it's actually a pretty simple "body-hack" which puts you into a super fat-burning mode called "ketosis," or KETO for short.
  • Macros - There are four nutritional macronutrients or "macros": Fat, Protein, Carbohydrates, and Alcohol. On a Low Karb diet, you try to divide what you eat over the course of the day into 70-80% healthy fats, 15-25% proteins, and 5% carbohydrates.
  • Net Carbs - On keto, you measure your carbs in terms of "net carbs" which is your total carbs when you subtract the fiber and sugar alcohol of every product.
  • Ketosis - Ketosis happens when your liver creates fat-eating "ketones" to creating energy when there are no carbs present. By starving your body of carbs, your body produces more ketones and you'll burn more fat.
  • Energy - On the keto diet you often feel a consistant energy throughout the day, without the highs or crashes. This is often accompanied by a sense of mental clarity and positive moods. It sounds weird, but get into ketosis and you'll know exactly what we're talking about.

Ingredients: Pecans, Erythritol, Monk Fruit Extract, Butter (Cream, Natural Flavor), Cinnamon, Salt
Allergy Warning: Processed in a facility that handles peanuts, soy, milk, wheat, tree nuts, and eggs.

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