Nephronex-SL Smooth Dissolve MultiVitamin Tablets for Kidney Health

Brand: Llorens Pharmaceutical

Sku: 054859706018

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Nephronex-SL is a soft chewable MultiVitamintablet that provides 100%-500% of your daily B-complex vitamins and Vitamin D and Vitamin C.

    Vitamins are organic compounds and essential nutrients that an organism requires in limited amounts. An organic chemical compound (or related set of compounds) is called vitamin when the organism cannot synthesize the compound in sufficient quantities, and it must be obtained through the diet; thus, the term vitamin is conditional upon the circumstances and the particular organism. Vitamins play a key role in multiple metabolic functions in the human body. 

    Having chronic kidney disease or bariatric surgery changes your need for some nutrients. Some of the reasons are:

    • The waste products that build up in your body each day can change the way your body uses vitamins and minerals.
    • Some of the medicines you take can change the way uses certain vitamins and minerals.
    • Some vitamins are lost during the dialysis treatments or after Bariatric Surgery.
    • Following a diet for kidney diseases or after Bariatric Surgery can mean that you miss certain vitamins and minerals from some food groups.
    • On days when you may not feel well enough to eat regular meals, you may not get enough daily vitamins and minerals.

      One of the important functions of Vitamins B6, B12, and folic acid is to work together with iron to prevent anemia. If you have anemia, it means you do not have enough red blood cells. Red blood cells carry oxygen from your lungs to all parts of your body.

      Additional B vitamins called thiamine, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, and niacin, can also be given as a supplement. These vitamins help to change the foods you eat into energy your body can use.

      100 X Nephronex-SL Smooth Dissolve Tablets per bottle

      Suggested use: Adults, take one (1) tablet daily as a dietary supplement or as recommended by your healthcare professional. Pregnant and lactating women should consult a physician before taking this or any medications. For best results, place a tablet in mouth and allow to dissolve completely before swallowing; use light chewing if needed.

      Nephronex is also available in liquid form.

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