Pescavore Ahi Tuna Jerky Strip - Island Teriyaki

  • 15gProtein
  • 110Calories
  • 2gCarbs
  • 1gSugar
$ 4.99
$ 5.99

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Product Description
This teriyaki recipe blends pineapple and ginger with gluten-free soy sauce for the perfect base. Pescavore keeps it light and not too sweet. Yokwe! Bula! Aloha! Say hello to this delicious island treat.
  • At least 12g protein
  • Made in the USA
  • Source of Omega-3
  • Gluten Free
  • Nothing artificial
  • BPA Free

This premium yellowfin tuna was purse seine caught in unassociated sets (FAD Free) off the coast of California by Captain Hanson and crew of the fishing vessel Cape Blanco. Pescavore hand cut and marinate the Ahi with our delicious recipe of all natural ingredients, then smoke in small batches to maintain the flavor, moisture, protein, and Omega-3s with less residual salt and sugar than traditional jerky.

Pescavore Ahi Tuna Jerky Strip - Island Teriyaki

Pescavore Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this jerky? It doesn't look like jerky?

Pescavore's innovative and proprietary methods of producing the tuna allow for more moisture and less salt than "jerky". These on-the-go, drain free strips are like smoked fish for the road. They are equally well suited to an on the go snack or a mealtime replacement.

What kind of fish is this?

The fish in Ahi Tuna Jerky Strips is yellowfin tuna. Yellowfin is among the larger tuna species, reaching weights over 400 lb. It is significantly smaller than the Atlantic and Pacific bluefin tunas, which can reach over 990 lb, and slightly smaller than the bigeye tuna and the southern bluefin tuna.

In Hawaii, “ahi” refers to two species, the yellowfin tuna, and the bigeye tuna. The fish in Pescavore is the yellowfin variety, with its distinctive soft dorsal and anal fins and finlets that are bright yellow.

Sustainably caught off the coast of California, our yellowfin is an excellent source of healthy, extra lean protein. It is also low in saturated fat and low in sodium. It is rich in niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, phosphorus, and magnesium. Yellowfin tuna also provides a rich source of omega-3’s (DHA and EPA) which are important to a variety of human health functions including neurological health. Find the specific amount of Omega 3 directly on your pouch.

How should I store my Pescavore pouches?

Pescavore pouches should be stored in a cool, dry place. They do not need to be refrigerated.

How do I use this product?

Ahi Tuna Jerky Strips as great as a snack on their own, or feel free to pair them with your favorite food like an avocado toast topping, a chowder additive, a tuna sandwich or eat with crackers. Do you have a new and innovative use of our strips? Please take a picture and tag us in your social media posts. 

How many servings are in it?

Each Pescavore pouch contains 1.5 oz of complete protein, which is one serving.

Are there any allergens in Pescavore?

Pescavore is gluten free and made without dairy. However, the strips do contain fish, Smokey Poké and Island Teriyaki also contain soy. The specific allergens are listed directly on the package.

Is there any gluten in Pescavore Tuna Jerky?

At Pescavore, they understand that health preferences and allergies are important to our consumers. Pescavore specially sources certified gluten free ingredients for all of our jerky strips.

Is there added sugar?

Our gluten free, natural marinades contain a small amount of sugar. The residual sugar in the tuna after marinating and cooking is 1g or less per pouch. Caribbean Jerk contains no sugar.

Are your products dairy free?

All Pescavore jerky strips are dairy free.

Why is there oil in the pouch? Is this an additive?

The oil that you see in the pouch is naturally occurring fat released from the tuna during the cooking process. The fat from tuna is a source of brain and heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids. We believe that seafood jerkies taste better with their moisture retained and have intentionally left this delicious oil in the pouch.


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