Protein Crisps by Todd's Better Snacks - Variety Pack

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Todd’s Protein Crisps are super delish & crunchy snack crisps made of Egg White Protein (and prairie lentils, and some other wholesome goodness!).

This Todd's Better Snacks protein crisps variety pack includes:

Protein Crisps by Todd's Better Snacks Highlights:

  • High Protein
  • Gluten-Free
  • Keto-Friendly
  • Award-Winning Taste & Crunch
  • 12g of Protein from Egg White & Lentil

Why Egg Protein?
Egg white is the gold standard protein for athletes and growing bodies - a complete protein with all 9 essential amino acids in the amounts that our bodies need to function optimally - easily digestible and bioavailable.

Todd's Protein Crisps are perfect for hungry kids & adults on the go - at school, at work, or after the gym. So, you can feel good about Todd's. (And yes, you can have them all, but sharing is nice too!)

How Todd's came to be:
Todd started working on Todd's Protein Crisps several years ago. He had a vision: a truly better snack, made with the powerful goodness of egg, that worked for everybody. Many years & many iterations later.... Success! After much hard work, Todd's Protein Crisps were created & perfected in Saskatchewan.

Todd's is made in batches using a process that allows egg white to expand into a crunchy & yet light puffed crisp - something so challenging that Todd's was issued a patent! And Todd's remains true to the original aim - it's full of nourishing goodness!

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