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Skinnies are ZERO Calorie cocktail mixers made with All Natural plant based ingredients. Skinnies come in convenient single-serve packets. To enjoy a guilt-free "Cosmo on-the-rocks", just add 1 Skinnies packet to your Vodka & Soda, garnish with a twist of lime and Cheers!

  • Zero Calories
  • No Artificial Colors
  • No Artificial Ingredients
  • Gluten Free
How to Make a guilt free Mai Tai on-the-Rocks: Just add 1 Skinnies packet + 1 shot Coconut Rum + Club Soda (or 4oz water), garnish with a pineapple slice and Cheers!

If you like your Mai Tai Frozen, then just mix 1oz water + 2 handfuls of ice + 1 Skinnies packet + 1 shot Coconut Rum, turn on the blender and Enjoy!

Women and men who want to minimize the calories in their cocktails. They presently mix their Vodka with Club soda or Water to save between 100-300 calories per drink. Skinnies are also a healthier alternative to traditional sugary mixers that are made with artificial ingredients.

Skinnies are 100% Natural, made with Plant Based ingredients. Skinnies don’t use preservatives, aspartame or artificial colors. For flavor and color they use fruit and plant based extracts. For sweetness Skinnies use stevia and erythritol (from melons) that gives a smooth and balanced taste to Skinnies Cocktails.

What's in our Ingredients? Plant derived; sodium citrate, carotenoids, citric acid, malic acid, fruit flavors and coconut water extract. We also use erythritol (from plants) that balances nicely with a hint of stevia leaf extract. With Skinnies you save calories vs. traditional mixers that are loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients.

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