Sonoma Creamery Pork Rind Cheese Crisps

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Flavor: Cheddar, 2.4 oz
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Real Sonoma cheese and pork rinds, baked together in one incredibly delicious, protein-packed, bite size snack. It's a match made in hog heaven! Unlike other pork rinds, our pork rind cheese crisps pack incredible crunch into a delicious snack. With 15g of protein per serving, our Pork Rind Cheese Crisps are sure to delight as well as to satisfy.

Snack on our Pork Rind Cheese Crisps right out of the bag or pair with your favorite dips. Top soups and salads for a tasty crunch and also use as a substitute for bread crumbs when backing or frying.

Our Pork Rind Cheese Crisps are gluten Free, naturally lactose-free and low carb. With 0g sugar and 0g net carbs per serving, these snacks are great for any healthy diet including keto, low carb (LCHF), gluten-free, high protein, carnivore and more.


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