Sugar-Free Pecan Brittle by Curly Girlz Candy

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ENJOY CRUNCHY, BUTTERY, PECAN BRITTLE WITHOUT THE GUILT. Fresh, handcrafted sugar free pecan brittle with a touch of Bourbon makes this a favorite of all pecan and brittle lovers. Enjoy all the taste without the guilt.

Sugar-Free Pecan Brittle by Curly Girlz Candy Highlights:
  • Maltitol-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Sugar-Free
  • 100% Indulgence + 0% Guilt

So good, you'll never miss the sugar!

Meet Curly Girlz
While still in junior high, Paula Even Trenda began experimenting with holiday candy making with an elderly neighbor. Like lots of hobbies, candy making went by the way-side throughout the rest of high school and college. Through many business travels, she rediscovered the art of candy making, and in particular artisan chocolates from Europe. After getting married in 2003, Paula enrolled in the online Ecolechocolate school in British Columbia, Canada. Friends and family were always willing to be guinea pigs for her delicious classroom projects (hello, truffles and caramels!).

Over the years Paula began making treats for gifts, and soon people were asking her to make chocolates for them. This then transitioned into selling boxes, gifts, and trays of holiday "goodies" to those who knew of Paula's talents. In the fall of 2011, an online storefront was created to sell candies and chocolates for the holidays. In August 2014, Paula resigned from her full-time employment and opened her first retail space in Medford, Minnesota. In 2017, Curly Girlz moved into Downtown Owatonna, Minnesota with larger production facilities and a small retail location. We currently sell online, in-store, and are featured at local retailers.

In July of 2019, Curly Girlz Candy has transitioned to selling only Sugar-Free candies online. A small selection of "sugared" candies can be ordered through the retail store, seasonally.


Sugar-Free Pecan Brittle by Curly Girlz Candy

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