Sweet Logic Keto-Friendly Sweeteners - Logica Sugar Replacement

Brand: Sweet Logic

Sku: 850007592295

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Sweet Logic created this 1:1 sugar replacement blend for use in their cake mixes and now they are bringing it to YOU. They LOVE Allulose and think its the best non-nutritive sweetener out there.

Logica (formerly Primal Sweet Plus) is a proprietary blend of Allulose and a special stevia leaf extract that replaces the sweetness that Allulose is missing. They have tested and tested it to make sure there is no bitterness even when used at high levels like in making caramel. Great for sweetening anything. use it in baked goods, your morning coffee, or for making ice cream!

Sweet Logic Keto-Friendly Sweeteners - Logica Sugar Replacement Highlights:

  • It tastes just like sugar
  • It bakes just like sugar
  • It carmelizes, browns, and glazes like sugar
  • It doesn't cause upset stomachs or discomfort
  • It doesn't raise your blood sugar (Testing is showing that it actually lowers your blood sugar, especially when paired with other carbs or starches!)
  • So while it provides all of these benefits, you might have to use more of it to get your treats as sweet as you want. Unfortunately, Allulose is only 70% as sweet as sugar. Well, they want to give you the best 1:1 sugar replacement so you can easily convert grandmas old recipe to a born again "low carb" friendly dessert.

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