Ulla Hydration Reminder Bottle Attachment - Available in 7 Colors!

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Did you know that over 75% of weight loss surgery patients are chronically dehydrated?! The Ulla Hydration Reminder Bottle Attachment is a fantastic tool for weight loss surgery patients that are starting their journey or have an issue staying hydrated.


  • Ulla fits on any bottle
  • Smart & stylish hydration gadget
  • Detects when you forget to drink
  • Keeps you hydrated, healthy & fit

Ulla - the world's first hydration reminder bottle attachment!

Drink 3-times more water, get healthier, have more energy and avoid headaches with Ulla - your personal hydration coach.

  • Reminds you to hydrate if you forget
  • Blinks before dehydration kicks in
  • Tracks when you drink
  • Fits on any water bottle
  • Fully automated and easy to use


  • Start Every Day With A Healthy Hydration Routine: Daylight sensors automatically activate Ulla in the morning and turn it off at night.
  • Too Busy? Ulla Will Remind You To Drink At Least 1x Per Hour: The advanced blinking pattern will stimulate your peripheral vision and grab your attention.
  • Developed and Tested by Doctors and Engineers: Enjoy the benefits of improved focus, physical performance & weight management. 

“Ulla fits your bottle, detects when you drink, reminds you to hydrate when you forget and automatically activates when you get near.”


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Watch How Ulla works


Attach Ulla

Ulla works with bottles of any shape, size & material

Get a blink, take a sip

If you forget to drink, smart detection sensors remind you to hydrate at least once per hour

Look great, feel best

Optimal hydration boosts metabolism improves productivity & does wonders for your skin



  • Compatibility: Ulla fits on bottles of all sizes, shapes and materials
  • Auto ON/OFF: Yes
  • Daylight sensor: Yes
  • Proximity sensor: Yes
  • Battery life: 6 months
  • Battery type: CR2032 coin cell
  • Material: BPA-Free PolyPropylene
  • Size: 1.57″ x 0.98″ x 0.39″
  • Weight: 0.89 oz
  • Working temp.: 32 F to 158 F
In the box
  • Ulla - Hydration Reminder
  • Silicone mounting band
  • Battery (pre-installed)
  • User manual 

Note to weight loss surgery patients on hydration:

It is very important in the early days and weeks following your discharge from the hospital after weight loss surgery that you focus on your fluid intake to prevent dehydration and potential readmission to the hospital.

Fluid Goal: 64 ounces (oz) each day

  • 32 oz of fluid should be from clear liquids without protein or added sugar
  • 32 oz can be from full liquids and protein supplements

Tips to help reach fluid goals:

  • Keep fluids on hand at all times. If your fluids are not with you, you cannot drink them.
  • Sip fluids slowly throughout the day. Drinking too fast or gulping can cause pain, bloating or other intolerances.
  • Sip fluids frequently throughout the day. You may only be able to drink 4-8 oz of fluid over an hour when first discharged to home. As you heal and the abdominal swelling goes down you will be able to drink more in a shorter period of time. Eventually, you should be able to drink 8 oz of fluid in 5-15 minutes. You will not meet your fluid goals if you are not drinking every hour.
  • Have a plan to drink defined amounts of fluid by certain times of the day. For example: 8 oz of fluid by 10 am, 16 oz by noon, 24 oz by 2pm, 32 oz by 4pm, 40 oz by 6pm, 48 oz by 8 pm and 64 oz by 10 pm.
  • Use a tool like Ulla to remind you to drink as time can pass quickly and it will be difficult to make up the difference later. You cannot rely on your body to tell you when to eat or drink after surgery as the physical cues will be altered.
  • Track your intake on paper logs or using a smartphone app. This will increase your awareness and make sure you meet your goals.

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