Yunmai "mini" Wireless Bluetooth Smart Scale with 10 Body Measurements! (White)

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The only thing "mini" about the Yunmai Mini Wireless Bluetooth Smart Scale is its price tag and weight! It's small, yet smart!

The Yunmai  mini Wireless Bluetooth Smart Scale is Miniature in size, Powerful in function. The Yunmai  mini Wireless Bluetooth Smart Scale not only measures your weight but also tracks 10 body statistics. The YUNMAI mini integrates all the extraordinary functions of YUNMAI Scales in its delicate body, with its substantial structure being redesigned to be smaller and lighter.

The Yunmain mini is easy to slide under a cabinet or bed. Many of our customers tell us they pack the Yunmai mini whenever they travel! It's really lightweight and slim but has the same advanced computer ship and tech as the other Yunmai scale models.

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Carbon Steel Solid Structure

The YUNMAI MINI scale is designed to be a complex combination of light and stability. Just like skyscrapers and bridges, it uses it's a high-strength carbon steel structure to bear up to 551Lbs (250Kg.)

Ultra Endurance of 200+ Days

With power management and integrated circuit voltage control chips, the power management system of YUNMAI mini ensures a more lasting endurance of about 200 days powered by 4 standard AAA batteries.

Reimagine the path to personal health -A complete health tracking system to empower your fitness journey. Set goals, weigh-in, and track progress. Yunmai Smart Scale measures 10 body stats and automatically integrates with Yunmai's Health App. Viewing your measurements is simple. Health trends can be displayed in graphs and viewed over days, weeks, months, and years.

Improve your weight loss and overall weight management with 10 precision Body Composition measurements, 16 Users recognized, Bluetooth wireless tracking, and Smartphone Appfor Healthy Weight Loss Tracking!

Yunmai Wireless Bluetooth Smart Scale

Reaching a healthy weight goal is important at any age as it impacts our energy level, cardiovascular health, and even our confidence. That is why you need a scale that helps you measure all the most important body composition features so you can live better. Introducing the Yunmai Bluetooth Weight Scale, the complete home weight management system for today modern home.

Connected Health Benefits

The Yunmai body fat analyzer measures your body from head to toe and effortlessly tracks up to 16 different people with Bluetooth wireless technology. Simply sync your weight profile with the free included weight loss app, and you will track every inch of your body so you know exactly how to address your strengths and weaknesses.

Long-Term Weight Loss Success

With more accurate measurements that your basic bathroom scale and a smartphone weight loss tracking system, you can monitor your daily health at home, on the go, or even while traveling. Whether you want to reach weight loss goals, maintain a healthy weight, or just live better, then choose the Yunmai Bluetooth Weight Scale.

Product Details:

  • Bluetooth connection TI low-wattage Bluetooth 4.0 chip
  • PowerWorking current < 70mA, AAA(battery) x 4
  • 4 Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) sensors.
  • Display 2" x 4" inch LCD Display
  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs.
  • Yunmai Health App is included, and available for download at Apple's App Store or Google Play

Measurements Include:

  1. Weight
  2. Fat
  3. Body Mass Index (BMI)
  4. Protein
  5. Muscle
  6. Visceral Fat
  7. Bone Mass
  8. Water
  9. BMR
  10. Body Age

Measurement Range:

  • Weight

    Weight Range: 3kg~150kg, Unit: KG, LG Accuracy 0.1kg

    Tracking on your weight statistics everyday

  • Body Fat

    Measurement Range: 5~75% , Accuracy: 0.1%

    Measure your body fat by BIA bio-electrical impedance analysis method

  • Body Water

    Measurement Range: 15~70% , Accuracy: 0.1%

    The percentage of body water in total body weight mostly in 60%~70%, use YUNMAI Scale to measure your body water change everyday.

  • Fitness Age

    Accuracy: 1 years old

    Your fitness age is estimated by all your body measurement statistics.

  • BMI

    Accuracy: 0.1

    BMI is body mass index, are often used to measure the body figure level.

  • Lean Mass

    Measurement Range: 15~70% , Accuracy: 0.1%

    The content is higher of muscle fiber can be called “lean mass”, muscle can’t be called “lean mass” as it contains fat.

  • Bone Mass

    Accuracy: 0.1kg

    The weight of bone issue of the body composition.

  • BMR

    BMR(Basal Metabolic Rate) is the minimum energy for all organs needs to sustain life.

  • Protein

    Accuracy: 0.1%

    Protein is an important part of body cell and tissues of the human body. The percentage of protein in total body weight around 18%. Protein is the material basis of life and the organic macro-molecules.

  • Visceral Fat

    Measurement Range: 1~30

    Unlike the subcutaneous fat, visceral fat is one of the human body fat, it around human visceral and mainly exists in the abdominal cavity. A certain amount of visceral fat is essential, as it’s play the role to supporting, stablility and protection role for human visceral.

Protect your health with a comprehensive weight-loss scale that helps you reach your weight loss goals by clicking - Add to Cart - now!

  • 2 MILLION + HAPPY USERS AND COUNTING - Yunmai is tracking body statistics for more than 1 million customers. World Leading Smart Scale Brand.
  • 10 PRECISION BODY MEASUREMENTS - Accuracy makes us the best body fat analyzer with up to 10 different body composition statics, including weight, BMI, BMR, hydration, bone mass, and more - all for better weight loss management.
  • FREE PROFESSIONAL APP (iOS & Android) - Sync with Apple health, shows all weighing records and run charts for all body measurements.
  • BLUETOOTH 4.0 CONNECTIVITY - With smart step technology and real-time updates through Bluetooth 4.0, you can use the included free app to automatically track results with your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy and crush that diet plan.
  • MASSIVE 16 USERS TRACKING MANAGEMENT & Sleek, Strong Design - Yunmai scale tracks up to 16 users at a time that works flawlessly with the app.
The package comes with:
  • YUNMAI MINI Smart Scale
  • AAA (battery) x 4
  • Carpet foot pads
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

The Yunmai scale user guide and product manual is available for download here

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