Celebrate Meal Replacement Protein Shakes - Available in 6 Flavors!

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Flavor: Bananaberry
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Celebrate high protein meal replacement shakes utilize a blend of high-quality whey protein isolate and soy protein isolate and boasts a PDCAA score of 100 (out of 100); making our shakes a complete protein. Each shake contains 24-27 grams of protein, 5-7 g of fiber and has a calorie range of 130 – 170.

Key Elements:

  • 24-27 g of protein
  • 5-7 g of fiber
  • Only 130-170 calories

Daily Dose:

  • Add 2 scoops or 1 packet with 8 fl oz. of cold water and mix or stir well, once daily or as directed
  • Appropriate for: All Patients as Directed by a Physician


  • Protein Quality: Since quality is critical element of all of our products, we use an ultra-refined whey protein isolate that scores 100 out of 100 on the PDCAA scale. This complete protein provides your body with all of the essential amino acids it needs.
  • 130 – 170 Calories
  • 5 – 7 g Fiber

Important: If you are experiencing persistent nausea, vomiting, GI upset, or other symptoms contact your healthcare provider immediately.


  • Very low calorie diets (below 400 Calories per day) may cause serious illness or death. Do Not use for Weight Reduction in such diets without medical supervision. Not for use by infants, children, or pregnant or nursing women.
  • Patients should follow the instructions of their bariatric surgeon regarding proper supplementation. Proper supplementation should be viewed as an individualized regimen based on each patient’s individual medical history, laboratory studies, and current medication use.

Supplemental Information:

  • It is important to look for a product manufactured in a GMP Certified facility. A GMP Certified facility is one that has proven to have good manufacturing practices. This is a pharmaceutical certification that ensures products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards.
  • No artificial colors.
  • Manufactured in a peanut free facility.

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