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Today Is National Pretzel Day 0

Pretzels…delightfully crunchy or soft, a little salty, and way too starchy to be on a sensible high-protein weight loss plan. Wait – scratch that! You can have your pretzels and still lose weight when you opt for high-protein, reduced-carb versions. The BariatricPal Store has what you need to celebrate National Pretzel Day in style.

No Pitfalls

Some of the problems with regular pretzels are their high amount of refined carbs and low amount of protein. The combo leads to blood sugar spikes and cravings for more high-carb foods. Protein Pretzels are lower in carbs and have 12 grams of protein. They also have 4 grams of dietary fiber to stabilize blood sugar and keep you full for longer.

Portion Packages

These pretzels have another trick to help you lose weight: they are portion controlled. You can have the entire package because each bag has only one serving. Each box has six single-serving packages or you can buy one bag at a time – it is your choice!

Gluten-Free to Meet Your Needs

Sometimes it is hard to find gluten-free crunchy snacks because they are so often based on wheat flour. Not so these Protein Pretzels! They are gluten-free, not to mention made with all-natural ingredients so you can feel good about eating them.

Flavors for All Tastes

Snack on classic pretzels in Original Flavor, or try a different twist on these twists. Go for a savory-sweet blend with a little heat with Jalapeno Honey Mustard, or keep it on the sweet and spicy side with Cinnamon Toast. Or, stock up on all three so you can nosh on whichever suits your mood.

Enjoy Your Way

Pretzels go nicely on their own, and are easy to take anywhere for a snack. They also pair well with pretty much anything. Try them with low-fat cheese, all-natural turkey breast, or yellow mustard. You can also dip them into hummus, cream cheese, and Protein Salsa. Use your imagination!

A quick and easy snack is worth its weight in gold, and Protein Pretzels fit the description. Enjoy them this National Pretzel Day and feel good knowing you are the life of the party.

Menu to Beat the Monday Blues

Menu to Beat the Monday Blues 0

The Monday Blues are familiar to many of us, but we have a way to fight them. This delicious weight loss menu can get you excited for the entire day as you look forward to your next great-tasting meal or snack. Here are our picks for a fun Monday.

Chocolate Cereal

Chocolate for breakfast can get you out of bed with a smile. Grab a 120-calorie bag of Chocolate Protein Cereal with 15 grams of protein on your way out the door, or sit down to a full breakfast of cereal mixed into non-fat low-sugar Greek yogurt and fruit. It feels good to start your week with filling nutrients, great tastes, and no guilt.

Calming Morning Snack

Mornings can be hectic. A hot drink can be comforting. Instead of nursing a sugary coffee drink, try Protein Mocha with 80 calories and only 2 grams of sugar, plus 15 grams of protein to get you to lunchtime. You only need to add water to get a thick, delicious drink.

Sack Lunch to Remember

While your coworkers are hitting up the local fast food restaurant for some greasy fare, you can pull out your own high-protein meal that is just as easy and way more nutritious. Head to the break room to use the microwave to heat up some Cheesy Broccoli Protein Soup with 100 calories and 15 grams of protein. Top it with Protein Cheese Snacks and follow it up with an entire Double Chocolate Cake, and your coworkers will wonder why they bothered downing the fatty calories from the fast food joint.

Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

You could head to the vending machine for a candy bar, but why would you when you can get your chocolate caramel peanut fix from a Caramel Nut Protein Bar with 12 grams of protein and only 4 grams of sugar? That is a much better choice if your goal is to suppress hunger until dinnertime.

The Grand Finale

Your Monday may have whizzed by, and it is already time for dinner. How can you go wrong with a hearty, cheesy, pasta meal ready in minutes? Protein Cheesesteak Pasta has soy nuggets, cheesy sauce, and protein macaroni in a mixture that contains only 110 calories. Round out your main course with a side salad or steamed broccoli, and follow it up with a Chocolate Chip Cookie – low-carb, of course!


Weight Loss, Portion Control & Food Scales: What You Need to Know

Weight Loss, Portion Control & Food Scales: What You Need to Know 0

Do I really need a food scale?

It seems to me that this is a commonly asked question in weight loss surgery forums.  In short, the answer is YES!  Most people will underestimate their portion sizes, which results in overeating and you guessed it, weight gain!  At the very least it will eat away at your potential for weight loss.  Using a food scale to measure your portions will keep you honest and help you to avoid costly setbacks.

Registered Dietitian Melissa Herrmann Dierks adds:

When working on weight management, a food scale can help you consume a more consistent calorie intake, which will result in a more consistent weight loss.  So often people lose a little, then gain a little, and feel they are not making progress toward their weight goal.  That is because their calorie intake varies from day to day.   A food scale, along with measuring cups, can help you meet your weight and health goals.

As a bonus, using a food scale on a regular basis at home will help train your eyes & brain to recognize healthy portion sizes. After all, you won’t want to bring your food scale with you everywhere. Next time you’re out to eat, or at a party, you will find yourself better equipped to determine how much of that oh-so-good pasta you really should have.

  • Alex Brecher
Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate, and…Weight Loss

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate, and…Weight Loss 0

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Chocolate cravings can hit hard, and often at the expense of your weight loss. Chocolate bars, fudge brownies, hot cocoa, and other chocolate goodies can call your name loudly, but contribute unwanted calories, carbs, and fat without much protein. You might find yourself choosing between feeling deprived and indulging in something you know you shouldn’t.

If chocolate cravings have been getting in the way of your weight loss, you have come to the right place. The BariatricPal Store can help you lose weight while you enjoy chocolate every day or even more often if you like!

Hot Chocolate as You Like It

A cup of homemade hot cocoa or an order of hot chocolate from a café or coffee shop can bring minutes of pleasure. The price can be a sincere feeling of regret when you realize you just had 300 or more calories without much nutrition. You are bound to have a blood sugar spike, leading to more cravings and hunger when your blood sugar drops in an hour or so.

Chin up, though! You can have your hot chocolate just as you like it: calorie-controlled, nearly sugar-free, and rich in protein. Each serving of Protein Hot Cocoa has 80 calories and 15 grams of protein. Take a packet with you anywhere and all you have to do is add water to make your delicious cocoa. Customize your protein cocoa by choosing classic or a variety such as raspberry, marshmallow, Irish cream, or cinnamon.

Soft-Baked Brownies

Butter and sugar are two secrets to rich and great-tasting brownies, which is why brownies and weight loss usually do not go hand in hand. A bakery brownie can have 300 or 400 calories; order a brownie dessert at a restaurant, and you could set yourself back over 1,000 calories! There is no need to sabotage your diet like that when you can enjoy Protein Brownies instead.

Each one has 120 calories and 15 grams of protein for long-lasting satisfaction. You can make one at a time conveniently, since they come in single-serving packages and you only need to add water. It is a great-tasting dessert or snack that you can feel good about. For a little extra, serve it with berries or a couple tablespoons of sugar-free whipped topping.

Chocolate Pudding…or Pie

Chocolate pie seems so decadent that it could not possibly be on your weight loss meal plan. After all, it combines a creamy, sweet chocolate filling with a flaky pie crust. Those are components not known for their healthy properties! BariatricPal Double Chocolate Protein Pudding can put you on the right path.

Just mix a packet with 4 ounces of cold water, and your filling is already ready. It delivers 15 grams of protein and only 80 calories, not to mention calcium and iron. Eat the pudding on its own, or make it a truly decadent and guilt-free dessert with pie crust made from Carbquick Baking Mix. You will not even be tempted to take a second or third helping since the pudding comes in single serving packets.

Weight loss should be fun and delicious, and life should be filled with chocolate. That is why you can count on The BariatricPal Store for a variety of chocolate protein snacks that are low-carb and low-calorie. Now through April 30, use coupon code LOVEBPCHOC for a 10% discount off your purchase of BariatricPal Hot Protein Drinks.

The Demonization of Body Scales

The Demonization of Body Scales 0

The body scale has gotten such a bad rap over the years by many. Whether people are scared of knowing the real number as to how much they truly weigh or those who feel that it’s better to track progress through how you feel rather than what the number on the scale says…it’s tricky to change people’s minds to understanding that owning a body scale should be a staple in your weight loss journey, not something that’s collecting cobwebs in your closet.

People are so terrified to step on a scale that they will avoid going to the doctor’s office knowing that part of the appointment will include getting weighed. The fear that comes with the unknown is real and they say that ignorance is bliss but owning and using a scale shouldn’t feel like pulling teeth. Being aware of your progress towards a healthier YOU is essential to seeing the results desired. Having such strong feelings towards an inanimate object isn’t healthy…

When you Google, “throw away your scale,” 21,000,000 results are retrieved. There are blogs after blogs that advise people to ditch their bathroom scale because they’re a “waste of money,” that they can cause people to become obsessive, etc. There are multiple reasons to be scared but seeing the actual number of what their true weight seems to scare people the most. If that number correlates with being considered overweight, it’s an even bigger turnoff. People are usually aware if they are overweight and seeing that validation can change the course of someone’s day, correlate with their self-worth and make it difficult to cope with reality.

We want to redirect people’s thought process! Enough is enough with demonizing an inanimate object! This post isn’t about selling our product or a cheap ploy at getting new customers, this is about enlightening people about what owning a body scale really means. It’s nothing to be afraid of or destroy. A body scale is a tool in your weight loss journey and an overall helpful product to have in your household. When one is able to track and rejoice in the progress they’re making on their healthy lifestyle journey, it can inspire one to keep going and to never give up. Being able to embrace the numbers on the screen when you first start your journey can be a tough realization but it will only make you that much more determined to change them! When one can step away from the emotional response and act in an objective manner, that’s when you know you’re ready and able to make changes in your life.

When going out to purchase a body scale, you should be on the lookout for one’s that are capable of tracking both your body weight and body fat numbers. With this knowledge, you’ll only be that much more empowered by your information and know where your health level is at. It’s also an added bonus if the scale is able to tell you what your body water percentage is. A higher percentage of water in your body is better than a lower number. Fat cells are only able to hold a low amount of water versus lean muscle tissue that stores a lot.

Hopefully, we have convinced you to overcome your fear of stepping on and or owning a scale. When you overcome that, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • You don’t have to weigh yourself every single day. Have a day at the beginning and end of the month to see your progress throughout the month. Weighing one’s self every single day can lead to unhealthy habits and not much will change day to day unless you’re approaching weight loss in an unhealthy manner.
  • Don’t have unrealistic expectations. You’re most likely not going to weigh what you did in high school and junior high…We’re all growing older every single day and our bodies changing is a part of life as well. You’ve hopefully matured since then, so should your expectations.
  • Understand that knowledge is power. Being aware of where your body is at is important in making changes. Don’t let yourself be blind to reality.
  • Don’t let the number at the beginning of your journey determine your self-worth. We’re all beautiful and great people, the number on the scale shouldn’t define who you are or what type of day you’re going to have. Be rational, take responsibility and make the changes.

Take back the control you have over the scale. Dig it out of your closet/go purchase one and start making life changes!

  • Alex Brecher
Don’t Miss Out: A Look at The BariatricPal Store’s Rewards!

Don’t Miss Out: A Look at The BariatricPal Store’s Rewards! 0

What do you think about getting rewards for buying the products you need at the store you love? If that sounds good to you, you’ll love our Rewards Program. It’s the program that gives you extra discounts at The BariatricPal Store. It’s our way of saying “Thanks for being a loyal customer!”

The More You Buy, the More You Save

You get one point per dollar you spend at the store. The next time you check out or whenever you are ready, you can trade your points for discounts off your purchase total. You get $1 off for every 40 points you accumulate. Since you get points for every purchase you make, there is no reason not to shop at The BariatricPal Store.

Getting Started

You will be automatically entered into the program when you register for a Store Account. It’s that easy! You can even use your Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts when registering at The BariatricPal Store. All the rewards you earn when logged into your account will be automatically visible.

Other Ways to Earn Points

Watch your Rewards account grow even faster with these other opportunities to earn points.

  • Review a product you purchased at The BariatricPal Store – no limit!
  • Refer a friend – no limit!
  • Like us on Facebook.
  • Follow us on Instagram or Twitter.

All these points are added to your account so you can trade them in for cash discounts.

Other Perks of Membership

We don’t take our customers for granted. We know you could choose to shop at other stores, and we are so grateful you choose The BariatricPal Store for your bariatric needs. We don’t just tell you we value you – we show it with BariatricPal Rewards!