BariatricPal Portion Bowl

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Super helpful in keeping with your diet, the BariatricPal translucent bariatric portion bowl allows you to exactly measure your food intake for each meal!

Use the BariatricPal translucent portion bowl for your perfect bariatric meal amount.

We love everything about this handy frost white bowl with graduated small portion measurements and you will too. Spoon in the food and read the markings FROM THE INSIDE.  Keep track of your food intake with this custom bariatric portion bowl. It’s tricky to gauge just how much you are spooning onto a plate and it is common to underestimate.  In our Support Groups on Facebook, we hear it all day long - a spoonful, a dab, just a little bit - when the photo shows a lot more. 

Keeping your bowl handy allows for perfect portioning and even though eating until your pouch says you are satisfied, it's important to understand the reality of how much that actually is.

Everybody needs a little help when it comes to staying healthy and watching what they eat.

BariatricPal Portion Bowl product highlights:
  • 1/2 cup, 1 cup, 1 1/2 cup, and 2 cup interior measuring lines
  • Microwave-safe bowl is made from durable food-grade polypropylene
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe

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