Diabetic Kitchen Sugar-Free Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

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Go ahead and satisfy your chocolate cravings without all the sugar.

Everyone loves the world's leading brand of Hazelnut & Cocoa spread. But it's got a whopping 21 grams of heart-killing, disease-causing SUGAR. Well, you can put hazelnut chocolate spread back on your menu because the new Diabetic Kitchen Sugar-Free Hazelnut Chocolate spread has ZERO sugar and only ONE NET CARB.

Are you on a bariatric, diabetic, low carb, keto, or LCHF diet? No problem. The healthy fats and prebiotic fiber found in Diabetic Kitchen Sugar-Free Hazelnut Chocolate Spread help you maintain ketosis (keep it purple baby). And it's sweetened with made-from-nature sweeteners like Allulose. Allulose is an exciting new, nature-based sweetener that has 1/10th the calories while offering the same clean, sweet taste you expect from sugar.

And that's great news for anyone following a low carb or ketogenic diet. Diabetic Kitchen uses Allulose as a primary sweetener and you can subtract those grams from total carbohydrates to determine your net impact carbs. Normally, you might feel guilty about indulging in such a delicious treat. But not anymore, because this is one scrumptious indulgence you can feel GREAT about! And you can enjoy it every day!

Diabetic Kitchen Sugar-Free Hazelnut Chocolate Spread Highlights:

  • Zero Sugar- Compared to 21g of Sugar in the world's leading brand. Perfect for sugar-restricted, keto, low carb, or LCHF diet. 1 Net Carb.
  • No Artificial Sweeteners or Sugar Alcohols- The main sweetener is Allulose, an exciting new, nature-based sweetener. And NO erythritol!
  • Guilt-Free Splurging- Great on pancakes and waffles, ice cream, low carb toast, yogurt, fruit, smoothies, and even a big ole spoonful to get your fix.
  • Clean Eating Approved- 24% Fewer Carbs Than the leading Keto Brand and a Whopping 9X the Fiber of the world's leading brand.
Diabetic Kitchen Sugar-Free Hazelnut Chocolate Spread
Ingredients: Sustainable Palm Oil, Chicory-Root Fiber, Hazelnuts, Allulose, Cocoa, Pure Vanilla Extract, Sunflower Lecithin, Monkfruit Extract, Cinnamon, Stevia Leaf Extract

Contains: Tree Nuts (Hazelnuts)
Allergy Warning: Manufactured on equipment that processes Dairy, Peanut, and other Tree Nuts

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