Rise and Grind in an Epic Way

Rise and Grind in an Epic Way 0

Another healthy breakfast option is always welcome, and even better when it tastes great, is convenient, and supports weight loss. Epic Rise and Grind Breakfast Bars with egg yolks fit that description. Here is why we love them and why we at The BariatricPal Store think that they may exceed your expectations.

The Magic of Egg Yolks

Epic Rise and Grind Breakfast Bars get their magic from organic egg yolks. These often-underrated heroes have high-quality protein and nearly every essential vitamin and mineral that your body needs. There are nutrients in egg yolks that are necessary for metabolism, brain and eye health, muscle function and repair, and energy. 

Bacon and Eggs for Breakfast

What if you could have bacon and eggs for breakfast, but actually have it be healthy? Bacon and Egg Yolks Epic Rise and Grind Breakfast Bars keep the dream alive. They taste great, with uncured smoked bacon without harmful added nitrites or nitrates. They also have sweet maple sugar, sea salt and, of course, egg yolks. Each bar has 170 calories, 6 grams of carbohydrates, and 9 grams of protein.

Chicken and Apple

Chicken, Apple, and Egg Yolks Epic Rise and Grind Breakfast Bars may remind you of chicken apple breakfast sausage without the guilt. Made with chicken, egg yolks, and a variety of herbs and spices such as sage, thyme, and nutmeg, each bar has 140 calories, 13 grams of protein, and 3 grams of net carbohydrates.

Stock Up for Anytime Use

Epic Rise and Grind Breakfast Bars come in single bars and 12-bar packs. You can also choose the Variety Pack with both flavors. They are completely shelf-stable, so stock up and stash them everywhere you may need a meal or snack. Try them as a snack or have them for breakfast along with a piece of fruit or some yogurt, cheese, or cottage cheese. EPIC Bars also come in flavors with venison, beef, chicken, turkey, and salmon.

A healthy and great-tasting meal or snack for weight loss is never far away at The BariatricPal Store. Stop by and browse the aisle for convenient, great-tasting, and varied options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks to fit any dietary requirements and taste bud demands.

National Pork Rind Day at The BariatricPal Store

National Pork Rind Day at The BariatricPal Store 0

If ever there were a day designed for weight loss, it would be today: National Pork Rind Day. Pork rinds may not seem like the ultimate weight loss food, but they can be when you get them from The BariatricPal Store. Pork Clouds are a low-carb treat that can keep you on cloud 9 while you lose weight (no pun intended).

Carb-Free and More

Salty, crunchy snacks such as potato chips can destroy your diet, not to mention your arteries from the fat used for frying. Plus, they are packed with refined starches that spike blood sugar and bump up cravings.

Pork Clouds deliver the salty flavor and satisfying crunch without a single gram of carbs, sugar, or gram of trans fat. They have 100 calories per serving, along with 12 grams of protein. Their only source of added fat is heart-healthy olive oil, known for its benefits on a Mediterranean diet. The only ingredients are pork, sea salt, olive oil, and spices. You can fit them into almost any meal plan, such as:

  • Paleo
  • Low-Carb
  • Ketogenic
  • Low-Calorie
  • All-Natural

All-Day Deliciousness

Pork Clouds make great snacks any time and anywhere, since they are portable, portion-controlled, and ready to eat. Fuel up before a workout or replenish your protein after your exercise, or have them as a snack in the afternoon or morning.

You can also use Pork Clouds in all kinds of recipes as a low-carb substitute. Examples include:

  • Baked “fried chicken”
  • Topping for mac and cheese or other casseroles
  • Pork rind pizza crust

Pork Clouds also make great companions for dips and substitutes for crackers, whether for yourself or for a crowd. Try them dipped in hummus or pureed avocado, or with cheese and tomato slices on top.

Pork Cloud Flavors

There is no need to confuse simple with boring. Pork Clouds may have a simple foundation of pork, sea salt, and olive oil, but they have great-tasting accents that will keep you coming back for more.

  • Rosemary & Sea Salt – with real herbs and a savory tone
  • Malabar Black Pepper – a bit of a bite
  • Habanero – not for the faint of heart
  • Garlic Thyme – tastes like summer
  • Cinnamon Ceylon – a spicy sweet twist

Pork Clouds come in sizes that meet your needs. Choose from a single pack or 6-pack of each flavor, or get the Variety Pack with 1 of each flavor. Celebrate weight loss and National Pork Rind Day today and every day!

Chef’s Cut Jerky for Weight Loss Your Way

Chef’s Cut Jerky for Weight Loss Your Way 0

Are you getting enough protein? If not, you could be missing out on important weight loss and other benefits. Protein reduces hunger, stabilizes blood sugar, maintains muscle mass and metabolism, and helps your immune system function right.

Protein is indeed a premium nutrient for weight loss, so it can never hurt to find another source for your protein. If you want a change from sweet-tasting bars and shakes, but you depend on their convenience, Chef’s Cut Jerky may be your answer. These bars are protein-packed bundles of real meat.

A Meat-Lover’s Dream

What do you dream about at night? Is it beef, bacon, and pork? Do you crave chicken and turkey? What is stopping you from having them all? Chef’s Cut Jerky makes it possible. Choose your favorite types of meats, know that you are getting them in a healthy form, and enjoy eating them instantly, since they are already prepared. They come in:

  • Jerky
  • Snack Sticks
  • Meat Bars

Natural Protein without a Carb Load

Chef’s Cut Jerky products provide about 9 to 11 grams of protein in each satisfying, mouth-watering package. Unlike some protein products, their protein has no fillers – it is just pure, high-quality meat protein. That gives them a leg up on sweet-tasting bars and shakes because really, of course products flavored with French Vanilla and Double Chocolate Fudge are not naturally rich in protein!

Chef’s Cut Jerky has 60 to 150 calories per serving and no artificial sugars, hydrogenated oils, or other sneaky ingredients that can undermine your healthy intentions. They are made from premium meats, whether bacon, turkey breast, chicken, beef, or pork.

Great Flavors, Real Spices

Name your flavor, and Chef’s Cut Jerky probably delivers. For a spicy kick, try Sweet and Spicy, Sriracha, or the Picante Variety Pack. Sweet and smoky aficionados might opt for Backyard Barbecue or Chipotle Cracked Pepper, and Asian Teriyaki and Maple can give you a sweet flair. There are tons more flavors, from Turkey Pepperoni to Buffalo Style Chicken, so check them out and give them a try!

Each type of Chef’s Cut Jerky has natural flavorings that can give you peace of mind that your protein passion is leading to healthy choices. Your Chef’s Cut Jerky snack might have bell peppers, celery, and tomatoes, with flavorings such as onion, garlic, pepper, cumin, and chiles. You need not fear reading the list of ingredients!

Try your Chef’s Cut Jerky for a snack or a post-workout pick-me-up. It is completely convenient, ready-to-eat, and shelf-stable, and it can be stashed in a gym bag, car trunk, purse, pocket, or desk drawer. There’s no excuse to skimp on protein!

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