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Healthy Last-Minute Christmas Gifts

Healthy Last-Minute Christmas Gifts 0

Christmas is on Wednesday, leaving a whole two days to come up with something fantastic for the people you love. Can you do it? Of course you can! Relax, because that is plenty of time to deliver the perfect gift that says you care. Count on The BariatricPal Store for the perfect last-minute gift.

BariatricPal Store Gift Card

Long gone are the days when giving a gift card was considered taboo, or as bad as giving cash. Now, giving a carefully-selected Gift Card means that you put in a lot of thought. It means that you know what kinds of things the person values, and that you want to let him or her choose the exact products that mean the most.

Do you know if your loved one prefers chocolate, peanut butter, lemon, or caramel? Creamy or crunchy? Bars or shakes? Snacks or meals? Does he or she need bariatric vitamins or other supplements? Chances are, you may not know the person’s exact needs and preferences. A Gift Card lets him or her decide exactly what to get to maximize joy and weight loss.

It is easy to gift a store Gift Card. Just choose how much you want it to be for, such as $10, $25, $50, $100, or $250. Enter the email of the recipient, and that is it. Your caring gift will be delivered immediately.

A Gift Card can come on time even when you order on Christmas Day. Give it as a stocking stuffer, a more substantial gift, or a Hanukkah present. It always works well as a present for yourself: consider it a commitment to your health and weight loss in the coming weeks and months. 

Monthly Subscription Box

Have you ever wished you could wander through your favorite store while selecting old favorites and sampling new products? The BariatricPal Box of the Month Club lets you or another recipient do just that without even leaving the home. What a nice way to show you care for months to come!

Each month, a box arrives on the doorstep. Filled with a variety of full-sized and sample-sized products, the box has different contents each month, but is sure to delight. It may contain snacks, meals, bars, shakes, vitamins, and more. The Box of the Month Club could be the motivation and inspiration needed to hit those weight loss and health goals for the year.

You can choose to get a subscription of the Box of the Month Club for up to 12 months. The longer your subscription, the lower the monthly cost. Plus, the 12-month package includes a great free gift of a smart scale!

Christmas always sneaks up, but The BariatricPal Store is ready to come to the rescue. Last-minute gifts are easy to come by and definitely worth giving to others and to yourself. Come on by, and Merry Christmas!

Weight Loss in a Box: Are You Ready?

Weight Loss in a Box: Are You Ready? 1

Picture this. You open your door to find a box. It is discreetly packaged so nobody else knows what it is, and its contents include all kinds of delicious products and weight loss aids that are your to try whenever you are ready. As you dig through the box, you see old favorites and new discoveries.

This scenario can be reality, and not just once, but every single month, without needing to think about it. The Monthly Subscription Box has a variety of products that can inspire you to get on track or stay on track to your weight loss goals. Here is how it works.

What’s in the Box?

You will find out what is in your Monthly Subscription Box when you open it! It could have protein bars, protein shakes, sugar-free candy, protein instant breakfasts and entrees, sweet and savory snacks, and even bariatric vitamins. The assortment is different each month, and that makes it even more fun. A tiny sampling of products in past boxes includes: baking mixes, almonds, protein pasta, meat snacks, protein chips, multivitamins, and pill organizers. Anything can show up in your Monthly Subscription Box!

Latest Products and Old Faves

The BariatricPal Store has a lot of weight loss products, so you may miss one or two, or forget about an old favorite. The Monthly Subscription Box can help by sending new products, top-selling products, and our personal favorites to jar your memory or alert you to something great and new. Each box has a hand-picked selection, and it is almost like having your personal shopper choose your products.

Sample Sizes and Surprise Gifts

How do you know if you like something before you try it? The Monthly Subscription Box is the best way to try sample-sized portions of some store products so you can try before you buy. Maybe you will love it, or maybe you will want to try other flavors of the box product. 

Every so often, you might reach into your box and pull out a surprise gift, such as a protein shaker bottle or some measuring aids for easy weight loss meals. It’s just our way of saying, “We’re behind you every step of the way!”

Exclusive Discounts and More

Do you like something in your Monthly Subscription Box? Buy it - for less! Each box comes with exclusive discounts for every single item in the box if you want to buy the full-sized version. Try it, love it, and buy it for less!

Each month’s selection comes with a sample menu showing how you can use these products as part of an overall weight loss plan (as long as your health professional approves, of course).

You can purchase the Monthly Subscription Box a month at a time, or in a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription, with greater discounts for the longer subscriptions. They all come with free shipping, and with the 12-month subscription, you get a free scale.

Sign up for your Monthly Subscription Box today and see how much weight you can lose when you have the inspiration and products to make it fun!

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