Baja Bob's Sugar-Free Original Margarita Singles

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Baja Bob listened to all of your requests and created these portable packets that you can take wherever you go! Each box comes with 8 single-serve packets. Use one at a time or all 8 to make a batch of the mix for you or your guests.

Simply add water, ice, and tequila. It's really that simple. Either pour into a glass filled with ice or blend with lots of ice to make slushy. Try substituting club soda for a refreshing non-alcoholic low-calorie and sugar-free lime soda.

Each individual packet makes one cocktail.
  • 0 grams of sugar (compare that to 20-30 grams in the leading brands)
  • 0 grams of carbs (compare that to 20-30 grams in the leading brands)
  • 10 calories (The average margarita mix runs over 250 calories)

Bob's secret formula is sweetened with sucralose. They've tried all different sweeteners but sucralose makes our cocktails taste authentic. Other sugar-free mixes are made with stevia or monk fruit which has a horrible aftertaste. Other mixes are sweetened with Erythritol and can have a laxative effect. Bob says: "Run for the border!" 

This flavor is also available in 30g Powder Packet.

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