Bari Life Bariatric Glow - Hair, Skin, & Nails

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Unleash Your Inner Radiance with Bari Life's Hair, Skin & Nails Supplement!

Bari Life understands the unique needs of bariatric patients, and Bari Life crafted a specially formulated product to enhance your natural beauty from within. Bari Life's Hair, Skin & Nails supplement is designed to nourish your body with essential vitamins and nutrients, promoting lustrous hair, stronger nails, and vibrant skin. Let your inner glow shine through with Bari Life's thoughtfully balanced combination of key ingredients.

Key Ingredients:

  • Biotin: Boosts skin health and strengthens hair, playing a crucial role in fat and sugar metabolism. Essential for maintaining blood sugar levels.
  • Methylfolate (Folate): Supports hair health and overall well-being, contributing to the strength of your locks.
  • Vitamin C: Enhances skin vibrancy and aids in the development of connective tissues, including skin, tendons, joint cartilage, and bone.
  • Zinc: Vital for growth, protein synthesis, antioxidant mechanisms, and wound healing. Plays a structural role in connective tissue during collagen formation.
  • Cynatine HNS: A patented, solubilized keratin that accelerates hair growth, increases thickness, decreases hair loss, and improves the strength and appearance of hair.

Understanding Hair Loss After Bariatric Surgery: 

Post-bariatric surgery, patients may experience hair loss due to factors like rapid weight loss, nutritional deficiencies, and hormonal changes. Telogen effluvium (TE), a common type of hair loss, occurs when there's a reduction in actively growing hair follicles, leading to more dormant follicles. Bari Life's supplement addresses these challenges by providing essential nutrients to support optimal hair health.

Benefits of Cynatine HNS:

  • Accelerates hair growth
  • Increases hair thickness by 12%
  • Decreases hair loss by 30%
  • Improves strength, brightness, and overall appearance of hair

How to Use: Take three vegan capsules daily to unlock the full potential of radiant hair, stronger nails, and vibrant skin.

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