Bariatric Portion Cup by Bariatric Eating

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Maximize Your Health with the Bariatric Portion Cup by Bariatric Eating - Your Key to Controlled Eating

Take control of your portion sizes and stay on track with your health goals using the Bariatric Portion Cup, exclusively from Bariatric Eating. Designed specifically for those mindful of their food intake, this frost white cup is not just a measuring tool, it's your partner in a healthy lifestyle.

Why the Bariatric Portion Cup?

  • Customized for Your Needs: With interior measuring lines at ½ cup, 1 cup, 1 ½ cups, and 2 cups, this cup takes the guesswork out of portion control.
  • See the Difference: Unique graduated measurements readable FROM THE INSIDE make it easy to measure as you pour.
  • Practical and Handy: Compact and easy to use, this cup ensures you always have the right amount of food, whether at home or on the go.
  • Mindful Eating Made Simple: Overcome the common challenge of underestimating portion sizes. This cup helps you visually understand and adhere to recommended portions, crucial for post-bariatric surgery diets or anyone watching their food intake.

Benefits That Go Beyond Measuring:

  • Promotes Healthy Habits: Regular use instills a better understanding of portion sizes, aiding in weight management and nutritional balance.
  • Supports Dietary Consistency: Perfect for maintaining dietary routines crucial after bariatric surgery or for weight management programs.
  • Easy to Maintain: Hand washable, it's ready to assist you meal after meal.

Join a Community of Success:

  • Be a part of a supportive community where you can share experiences, tips, and successes. Your journey is easier with friends who understand and the Bariatric Portion Cup is a tool they trust.

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