BariatricPal 10g Protein Bars - Chocolate Dream

$ 12.89

Product Description

Everyone needs a treat sometimes, even if you’re on a diet. Even better if that treat fits right into your meal plan so you do not even need to feel guilty. BariatricPal Chocolate Dream Protein Bars fit the bill. They have crispy soy nuggets to deliver 10 grams of protein, but what you’ll really notice is the chocolate that surrounds the nuggets and delights your taste buds with each bite. That’s not bad for 160 calories and 0 grams sugar!

These bars make a perfect snack or dessert when you are on the road or at home. You can also use them for self-defense: just pull one out whenever you’re tempted by a sugary, high-calorie chocolate diet disaster, and feel good about your choice. 7 servings per box.

  • 160 calories
  • 10 grams protein
  • Suitable for the Solid Foods Diet
  • Great dessert or snack
  • Aspartame free

Brand : BariatricPal