BariatricPal Biotin Plus

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Biotin is a B vitamin that is needed for healthy hair, nails, and skin. BariatricPal Biotin Plus vegetarian supplement has biotin, vitamin C, and calcium. Each bottle contains 60 tablets, and it:

  • May support healthy-looking hair, nails, and skin.
  • May promote strong bones.
  • May promote a healthy immune response.

Each BariatricPal Biotin Plus 2-tablet serving has:

  • 2,000 mcg biotin
  • 200 mg vitamin C.
  • 200 mg Calcium (as calcium carbonate)

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take 2 BariatricPal Biotin Plus tablets daily with a meal, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner

BariatricPal Biotin Plus

Warning: If pregnant or nursing, consult your healthcare practitioner before taking this product.

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