BeyondChipz High Protein Torpillas - Whole Lotta' Nacho

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The newest flavor, Whole Lotta’ Nacho, is a mad crunch! They blended kicked-up Nacho cheese with zesty Eloté seasoning and BAM! A Whole Lotta’ Love for your taste buds!

BeyondChipz High Protein Torpillas Highlights:

  • High Protein
  • 2g Net Carbs
  • Plant-based Protein
  • Gluten-Free
  • 100% Vegan
  • Keto-Friendly

BeyondChipz has re-invented the classic tortilla chip! With 13g of pea protein, 2g net carbs, and tons of flavor, the Torpilla will revolutionize your snacking experience! Torpillas are gluten and grain-free, crunchy, and very satisfying! Your taste buds and waistline will thank you because #everybitematters

A “tor-PEA-yah” is a revolutionary new snack from BeyondChipz! It’s a HIGH-PROTEIN, LOW-CARB tortilla chip made with pea protein and cassava flour.

BeyondChipz High Protein Torpillas - Whole Lotta’ Nacho
Ingredients: Pea Protein, Coconut Flour, Flax Seed, Pumpkin Seed, Sunflower Seed, Chia Seed, Cassava Flour, Sunflower oil, Toasted Sesame Oil, Black Pepper Seasonings, Sour Cream Solids (Cultured Cream, Nonfat Milk), Salt, Sugar, Spices, Buttermilk, Dehydrated Vegetables (Onion, Tomato, Garlic), Cheddar Cheese [(Milk, Salt, Cultures, Enzymes), Disodium Phosphate], Citric Acid, Yeast Extract, Natural Flavors, Lactic Acid, Oleoresin Paprika, Oleoresin Turmeric.
Contains: Tree Nuts, (Coconut Flour), Milk

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