Celebrate Vitamin B-12 - Sublingual Quick-Melt

$ 15.95

Product Description

Celebrate vitamin's new proprietary formula utilizes Quick-melt technology to provide you with a great tasting sublingual tablet that will dissolve in less than 1 minute. Delivering 1000 mcg of vitamin B-12, this great tasting sublingual tablet will help to ensure that you are receiving proper levels of this critical vitamin.  In addition, each tablet also contains 200 mcg of folic acid.  Each bottle contains 90 sublingual tablets. 

While the majority of patients that are taking Celebrate's multivitamin will not need an additional sublingual, there will be a small percentage of patients that require higher levels.  Since vitamin B-12 is water soluble, any excess will simply be excreted by your body. And with Celebrate's new Quick-melt tablet, taking your B-12 has never been easier!

Great for Gastric Bypass, Sleeve Gastrectomy and Duodenal Switch patients.

Daily Dosage: 1 tablet

Flavor: Cherry or Mint