Cleansing Herbs Laxative Tea (20 tea bags) by Doctors Designs

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Doctors Designs Cleansing Herbs Tea is a gentle laxative to keep you moving! Many weight loss patients have had prior issues with digestion and frequently present with a chronic history of stimulant laxative use. Most have no desire to alter that behavior since discontinuing these stimulants can be challenging. Cleansing tea is very effective, but a gentler stimulant laxative than those typically available over the counter, and therefore represents a good substitute your patients can rely on.

Cleansing Herb Tea Scientific Summary

Doctors Designs - Cleansing Herbs Laxative Tea (20 tea bags)

Directions: Place a tea-bag in a cup, steep in 6-9oz of very hot water for 3-5 minutes. Sweeten to Taste

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