Cold Pack Service

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If your order contains heat-sensitive items, we highly recommend choosing to add the Cold Pack Service to your order.

The ice packs used are not designed to remain frozen for the entire time the package is in transit; however, they are frozen when placed in the insulated box or insulated bag and remain cool for 2-3 days in transit.

We strongly advise that you place your order so it does not remain in the shipping system over the weekend. For example: place your order Saturday through Wednesday and choose Next Day or 2 Day service, if necessary. You should also arrange to receive your package personally or have it delivered to a location (such as work or a friend's house) that will prevent it from sitting outside in direct sunlight. Your shipping charge will be based on the weight and destination of your package. Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will be shipped on Monday. If you are ordering perishable/heat sensitive with other products and the upgraded shipping charge is excessive, you may want to consider placing 2 orders. One order with perishable/heat sensitive products and one without. That way you only pay for upgraded shipping on perishable/heat sensitive products.

When you receive your package:

CHOCOLATE PRODUCTS: Immediately REFRIGERATE for at least 1-2 hours before opening. This will allow any chocolate that has softened during shipping to reset.

BREAD PRODUCTS: Freeze upon receipt and keep frozen until ready for use.

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