Journey Vitamin D3 Jellies by Bariatric Eating

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Sunshine in Every Chew: Journey Vitamin D3 Jellies by Bariatric Eating

Bask in the glow of health with our Journey Vitamin D3 Jellies, the all-natural, potent source of Vitamin D3, designed with the bariatric community in mind. Each jelly is packed with 5,000 IU of Vitamin D3, a nutrient essential for robust bones and a vibrant life post-bariatric surgery.

Why Our Bariatric Eating Vitamin D3 Jellies Stand Out:

  • Critical Bone Health Support: Vitamin D3 is pivotal for bone density and health, facilitating calcium absorption to combat the risk of osteomalacia and maintain your skeletal strength as you age.
  • Weight Loss Ally: Research suggests a correlation between Vitamin D levels and weight loss efficacy. Our jellies are formulated to potentially aid your weight management journey.
  • Comprehensive Health Benefits: Beyond bones, Vitamin D3 has been linked with multiple health aspects, including potential roles in managing conditions like Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, and even in the fight against colon cancer.
  • Symptom Combatant: With many Vitamin D deficiency symptoms being silent, our jellies proactively support your health, aiming to keep those invisible risks at bay.

Innovative, Delicious, and Practical

  • Palate Pleasing: Enjoy the delightful, natural Lemon Lime flavor in our sugar-free jellies, crafted for enjoyment and health without the guilt.
  • Advanced Absorption Technology: Our jellies utilize Concordix technology to encapsulate both oil and water-soluble nutrients for optimal absorption, tailored for the unique needs of bariatric patients.
  • Everyday Convenience: Our jellies are designed for ease, no water necessary. Perfect for those on-the-move moments when your health is still a priority.
  • Daily Freshness Guarantee: Each jelly is individually sealed to preserve freshness, potency, and flavor, ensuring your daily supplement is as effective as it is enjoyable.

Pure, Quality Ingredients We commit to the highest standards for our ingredients, with every batch verified by a Certificate Of Analysis (CoA). Our 30-jelly box promises a month's supply of quality, consistent supplementation.

Step into the Sunlight with Journey D3 Jellies Embrace a daily dose of sunshine with Journey Vitamin D3 Jellies. Perfect for those who have undergone weight loss or bariatric surgery and are serious about maintaining their health. Add to your daily routine and feel the difference that real quality makes.

Journey Vitamin D3 Jellies by Bariatric Eating

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