Keto Granola by Keto and Co - Variety Pack

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Keto and Co's Keto Granola is a handful of pure, low carb bliss.

Dig into this deliciously different mix of nuts, seeds, coconut, spices and fiber as the perfect snack anytime and anywhere. Unlike most granolas, you can feel good about this one. Naturally sweetened with no sugar added, this Keto Granola is low carb and diabetic friendly so you’ll never find oats or refined sugar anywhere in your package. Instead, the secret to the sweetness is Wondrose, the healthy alternative to sugar with a pure, clean flavor and prebiotic fiber.

Pair this Keto Granola with your favorite nut milk, tossed with berries, on a salad, smoothie, yogurt or simply by the handful! There’s no wrong way to enjoy the keto granola you love.

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